About Us

Not all of us were blessed with DIY crafting skills, drawing expertise, or simply the ability to come up with incredibly personalized gifts for every person in our life – and that’s okay! ForAllGifts was actually created on the premise of lending a hand to those who need a little “gift-inspiration” for their loved ones.

The two men that started ForAllGifts come from households that strongly believe in celebrating family and friends whenever possible. After successfully launching a promotional products company (opens in a new window) together, they wanted to start a separate company that encouraged honoring the loved ones that surround us everyday. With their knowledge of the promotional products industry, they were able to create a personalized gifts company with high-quality products and beautiful engravings, at an extraordinarily low price.

Believe it or not, ForAllGifts first started in the back room of an office space with two people engraving and packaging each product. Since the workdays were fairly slow at first, the pair often included a small token of gratitude in each box to let our customers know that they weren’t just another number in our system, and that they were now part of the ForAllGifts family – something we still do today.

Several years later, and even though we have a few more employees engraving and packaging products, the same principles remain at our one-of-a-kind company. The ForAllGifts Family grows every day, and each order is another reminder that there are others out there who care just as much about their loved ones as we do. A personalized gift is the perfect way to show someone how much they are loved and appreciated – plus, it’s a lot easier than spending all that money on supplies to do it yourself! 

Complete 100% Satisfaction

We will always do whatever it takes to ensure you receive your customizable order in good condition, and on-time – which means we’ll keep going until you’re happy with your personalized gift order and your experience with us. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service possible and exceeding your expectations whenever the opportunity arises – even if it means going to the post office ourselves! Yes, we’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again if we need to.

Easy To Do Business With

The reason we are in this business is to give you an outlet to buy personalized products easily and hassle-free. Our customer service representatives are eager to assist you in any way possible. We hope you give us the opportunity to showcase how easy it is to do business with us, and what it’s like to be part of the ForAllGifts family!

More About Us

We are a locally owned personalized gift company that does business regionally and nationally. Every customer is important to us, and sometimes we are even able to do extraordinary things for our neighboring local businesses because of time and distance advantages. We often work early or late or weekends to hit important deadlines. After all, we are in the personalized gifts business, so we want you to feel you are getting personalized attention!


Corporate Headquarters:


50 West Avenue

Essex, CT 06426

Email: sales@forallgifts.com