5 Great Gifts for That Person Who Has Everything

jenniferfortee on Jun 7, 2017

Let’s face it, we all know that one person that seems to have everything they could ever want. They are also known as the hardest people to find a gift for. From countless tech accessories to several pieces of wall art, you name and they’ve got it.  You often just peruse the internet hoping and praying that something will catch your eye and be that perfect gift. But just as you would expect: they have it all. It’s not just you- everyone has this problem.

It appears to be a lost cause trying to find them that great gift. The key is to think of gifts that they would never buy on their own. How do you do this you ask? It’s not easy, but we are here to help. Here are some great gift giving ideas for that person who has just about everything.

1.       Personalized Family Tree Plaque

Not many people can say they have a tree plaque of their entire family. It’s a rare and thoughful gift for anyone. Do some research on their family (maybe you’re in it too!) and create this one-of-a-kind family tree plaque. Spice up their living room with their own family tree. Not only is it meaningful, but easy to get from ForAllGifts.com. What makes this gift especially great, is that it's specifically personalized to each family with your choice of wood. It’s highly doubtful that That Person Who Has Everything would buy themselves their very own personalized family tree plaque, so why don’t you be the first?

2.      Custom Photo Dog Tag

Do you have that picture of them that you just love? Maybe they’re laughing with ice cream in their hand or maybe it’s a picture of the both of you walking on the beach. Whatever the picture is, they can wear it forever. What can make this gift even better is if you are the only one who has the picture, which creates no better surprise. The bigger the dog tag, the bigger the memory. With our Custom Photo Dog Tag, they will never forget that special moment and who gave it to them to remember for a countless number of years. 

3.      Engraved Secret Message Heart Envelope Locket

This is a gift that is truly from the heart. You can now create your own special message and keep it secret inside this heart envelope locket. Even if it is a simple sentence inside that locket, you can be sure that person is in for a surprise. It could be a saying the two of you have or an inside joke. The message is simple: you care about them and this is a great way to show them. What makes this great is that no matter who gives this special gift, it is personalized. Don’t be afraid if someone gives the same gift as you with this one, because what really counts is what you say on the inside!

4.      Custom Coordinates

You can never go wrong putting your own cutomized coordinates on any gift. You could put the longitude and lattitude coordinates of where you went to school together, or even where you first met. This gift is one that can last a lifetime with a memory to be treasured forever. You can put those coordinates on a leather key chain, beer mug, leather bracelet, or even on a silver necklace. Make this gift competely from you by reminding them of the location where it all started.

5.     Handwritten Messages

Handwritten messages are a classic gift. Some just simply write a letter and give that as their meaningful gift. But now, you can personalize your picture frames and cutting boards by having your very own handwriting engraved in these gifts. Having a handwritten gift is no doubtedly meaningful, but include that element of surprise and have your handwriting on a gift that will be used for years. What could possibly be a better gift? Bet they don't have this gift already!

And now suddenly, there becomes no such thing as hopelessness when it comes to buying "someone something who seems to have everything" the perfect gift. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalized gifts. There is no way they will already have these one-of-a-kind gifts because they are customized to your wants and needs. Not only will you surprise them with something they have never heard of before, but they will remember you as the one who got them the most amazing and thoughtful gift. Bye-bye confusion and say hello to perfection!

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