How To Wear Your Monogram

Julie Groom on Jun 2, 2017

How To Wear Your Monogram

Gone are the days of alphabet gel earrings, t-shirts with a single bedazzled letter, and home made bracelets with your best friend’s initials. The problem with that? Many of us are having serious withdrawals. Sadly, when you reach a certain age, you begin to notice the vast height different between you and the other customers standing in line at Claire’s.

Good news -- you’re not alone. Many adults are wondering how they can get their alphabet fix withoutstealing Marty McFly’s DeLorea and jumping back to the 1990’s. The answer is simple – monogramming. Monograms are a simple and classic way to personalize everything from jewelry to home décor, and finally fill that void in your life.

Here are five ways to wear your monogram TODAY!

1. Jewelry

You can still wear your favorite letters as jewelry, except this time there won’t be any gel, bedazzling, or glue. Monogrammed jewelry is the best way to show off your name in a classic and trendy way. For smaller pieces, like earrings, you might want to go with a single initial rather than the full monogram. For larger pieces, such as bracelets, you can engrave your full monogram and even use a script font to really show it off. One of the latest trends is a necklace that has a pendant molded into the shape of your monogram. It’s a gorgeous accessory to have for formal occasions, or for everyday wear!

2. Journals

The best way to show off your professional side is to put effort into the accessories you bring to business meetings, etc. Having a monogrammed journal can really set you apart from everyone else in the room. Monogrammed journalswatches, cigar cutters, money clips, or other personal items, show that you really care about your appearance and take pride in who you are. You’ll walk into any meeting with more confidence knowing that you have an upper hand over everyone else.

3. Travel Mugs/Flasks

Show off your personal style on the go with a monogrammed travel mug!  Every time you go for a sip of your favorite beverage, everyone will see your beautiful monogram glistening on the front. Later, when you head out for a night with your friends, you can grab a monogrammed flask to keep the fun going!

It may be time to say goodbye to plastic beads and overwhelming amounts of glitter, but now you know that it’ll all be okay. Marty McFly can keep his beloved DeLorea, and you can proudly step into the world of monogramming! Have fun!

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