Summer Essentials

jenniferfortee on Jun 28, 2017

This is the time of year that everyone waits for. The kids are out of school, people are taking work off to go on vacation, there’s graduations to go to, Fourth of July parties to host, and even some summer weddings! Picture laying outside with the sun on your skin drinking a glass of wine with a good book. Or perhaps you're hosting a party with kids in the pool and your husband showing off his brand new watch that he got for his birthday. No matter the summer scene, there are many things that are essential to make sure you’re prepared for the most relaxing or crazy summer of your life. You’re probably wondering what could you possibly need in the Summer? There are a couple of things to tackle- especially if you want to get ahead. All those graduations you need to go to, you need a graduation gift. All of those parties you are expected to host, you need glasses. All of those dinners where your family friends come over expecting a five star meal, you’re gonna need some cutting boards. Exceed everyone’s expectations this summer with ForAllGifts Summer Essentials. You won’t want to miss out.


You use glasses for everything- especially during the summer. At those birthday parties, those family parties, those days where you just want to sit back and relax with no pets or kids around, or even those date nights whether it is with your significant other or your friends! What better way to wow guests with personalized wine glasses. You can have your last name classily engraved. Not only will the others be impressed, but you’ll feel like a million dollars. Whether you want to get a wine glass, a mason jar, or even a beer mug you can have anything engraved on it as you like! What about an engraved custom coordinates glass of where you were born, or of your hometown where you and your best friends have grown up. Soon, they’ll be wanting one of their own!

Water Bottles

ForAllGifts have a variety of personalized water bottles. They range from all different types of metals and colors to make sure you get the exact water bottle you’ve been looking for. You never know when you go on vacation and you either buy a $5.00 water bottle or go to the water fountain and get a drink- you’re going to be wishing you had one of these water bottles. Perfect for vacations, get your coordinates of your home and bring it with you wherever you go! If you end up in the Bahamas, you'll look at your water bottle to see your home and smile. You’ll never forget where you came from. Maybe if there is a message on the bottle, you’ll remember the exact time, occasion and who gave you this special water bottle. Make sure you’re always hydrated with some nice cold water along with a sentimental message for your enjoyment.

Bottle Openers

You never know when you’re going to need a bottle opener to open an ice cold beer or maybe you’ll need a wine opener for you and your friends on a girls’ night. You’ll never lose this bottle opener because now you can have your very own first name or last name engraved on it. Stop those times of everyone just losing their bottle openers and taking one home that’s not theirs. Not only will it have your name on it, but it will last for years. Perhaps you’ll get one with a vibrant color so you’ll be sure to never lose it. After all, how many people can say they have a bright blue bottle opener? Some of our personalized bottle openers have multi-tools to help you open any bottle you may cross.

Cutting Boards

Impress your family and friends with an engraved cutting board. Our cutting boards are beautifully crafted in a variety of different woods. Even without an engraving, youi could stare at these cutting boards all day. You could even nonchalantly start chopping up those vegetables and when your friend walks over to talk to you they will see this gorgeous cutting board with your very own name engraved and thus starts the conversation of how and where you got it. You’ll be feeling great knowing that your friends are so impressed with your sense of style (in cutting boards!) You can’t go wrong with one of these personalized cutting boards. Even if you don’t personally need a cutting board, they make great housewarming and party gifts! They add that touch of thoughtfulness to show you truly care.


During the summer, time gets away from all of us. We forget when we actually made that doctors appointment or how long it’s been since you’ve gotten a haircut (7 months?). Some of us still need to make a living during the summer and work. You may forget to look at the clock and suddenly it’s 10pm at night and you’ve forgotten to eat dinner. With our timeless engraved pocket watches and wrist watches none of this will happen again. What’s going to make you actually look at the watch, you ask?- their beauty. The Broadway personalized watch is so shiny it will take your attention away long enough to have you look at the time and get back on task. If you ever misplace the watch, make sure you get the back of it engraved with your name and address so people will know where to return it to. These watches also make great gifts for weddings or graduation gifts. Engrave their college or the date of their graduation on the back to make for the perfect gift.

It’s no doubt this summer will keep you busy. Between work, vacations, and parties you’ll be having a great time. Make sure your time is even better with these personalized gifts! They will last for years to come and will be treasured by all those who come to celebrate the Fourth of July, your birthday or even a graduation with you. They will appreciate the extra mile you went to show off ;). Browse through our selection and let us know what you would like as well as what you would like to have engraved. ForAllGifts values our customers and will do to accomplish your wants and needs! Go out there and have a great summer that you will remember for years to come!

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