How to Measure your Bracelet Size

jenniferfortee on Jul 31, 2017

We’ve all been there. You go online looking for that perfect bracelet to match all of your outfits and that you want to wear every day. You search around the internet and find that perfect bracelet for you or for even a friend! You wait for about a week for the new fashionable bracelet to come in the mail, checking it nearly every day after work. It finally comes and you’re just filled with excitement grabbing the package and running inside your home. You rip the package open to reveal this beautiful bracelet you have just bought. As you begin to put it on, you realize it’s a little too tight or maybe a little too big! When it comes to purchasing bracelets for yourself or your friend online, it’s important to know your bracelet size. There are plenty of ways to measure your bracelet size but we have the easiest step by step instructions to make sure this never happens again.

Step 1: Find the tape measure

Step 2: Gently wrap the tape measure around your wrist (the wrist you would like to wear your bracelet on specifically).

Step 3: Make sure you take note of the number at the point where the tape meets the 0 the most comfortably around your wrist. Make sure not to make the tape measure too tight around your wrist otherwise your bracelet will be too small.

Step 4: To make sure the bracelet fits comfortably, add 1.5 centimeters. You can add or subtract centimeters according to whether you prefer the bracelet to be looser or a tighter fit.

Now these are steps for bracelets in general. If you were looking at a bracelet such as a bangle then the steps are a little different.

Step 1: Make a fist with your hand bringing your thumb and little finger together.

Step 2: You can either use a tape measure or a piece of string to wrap around your fist.

Step 3: Bring the string or tape measure around the widest point of your wrist. Once this is done, take note of the measurement and that is your bangle size!

Don’t go through the hassle of buying a bracelet online and not being able to wear it because you weren’t completely sure of your bracelet size. If you follow the steps above (make sure you realize the different directions for general bracelets and bangles) you will never make the mistake again (hopefully you haven't yet!) Happy bracelet shopping.

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