What to Engrave On Your Medical ID

What to Engrave On Your Medical ID
Julie Groom on Jul 26, 2017

Medical ID jewelry has saved countless of lives. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are unable to communicate or act for yourself, it is imperative to make sure those who are helping you know everything about you. Including any allergies or conditions you may have. A simple engraving on a bracelet or necklace could even save your life in an emergency situation which is why it is so important to know what exactly to engrave. Having a medical condition doesn’t make you weaker or less than anybody else. In fact, it makes you unique. Because you are so unique, you deserve a unique medical alert ID with the engraving on it that will save your life.

1. You must consider which kind of medical ID jewelry you would like to choose. Some jewelry has back sides and some may not have enough room on one side. Before you purchase your medical ID jewelry, you need to make sure there is enough room for the words that need to be engraved so it is legible if any situation were to arise. Be sure to consider the maximum number of characters allowed per side of the jewelry. At ForAllGifts, we offer jewelry that is available for engraving on both sides, so character limits do not limit you.

2. Knowing yourself and what your medical condition you have is one of the most important things to know when getting a medical ID. Your major medical condition is imperative to have on the medical ID jewelry so people are able to assist you right away. Major medical conditions could be conditions such as diabetes, or perhaps someone has a pacemaker. After listing your major medical condition you must think harder and make sure there is nothing else to consider engraving.

3. Do you have any food or drug allergies? If you were to list that you had a drug or food allergy of penicillin or a nut allergy, then you will be taken care of in the correct manner. Allergies such as peanut allergies are extremely dangerous and require treatment if exposed to peanut. By putting your food or drug allergies on your medical ID, assistants will know that if you are having a reaction that you may have ingested something your body cannot handle.

4. Medication saves people’s lives everyday. Some of us must take medication in order to live our daily lives. It’s important to put these daily medications or any medications that you may take that help you live your life on your medical ID bracelet or pendant. If doctors or first professionals were unable to know that you take a specific medication everyday and had forgotten to take it today they could realize that that is why you are in the situation you are in. Listing your medication lets it be known what you need to live.

5. In a situation where you are alone or where nobody knows you, it’s important to have your name on at least one side of your medical ID. Professionals need to be able to communicate with you as much as you need to communicate with them. Engraving your name on your medical ID creates a bond between professionals and yourself where you can be sure you are in good hands. Not only this, but your family will know it’s you and can come help.

6. Last but not least, a phone number on your medical ID. Listing an emergency phone number ensures that the person listed on your medical ID will be contacted. They will show up and give you all the support you need. Going through an emergency can be scary and having that person right next to you can pull you through. This person or persons becomes another medical source for professionals as well.

Engraving a medical ID bracelet can be hard when you are not fully aware of what you are allergic of. If you are unaware of any possible allergies it is strongly recommended that you contact your doctor and maybe even ask them what to have engraved on your medical ID. In the end, a medical ID is there to save your life. Engraving a medical ID is one of the smartest and safest ways to ensure you will be taken care of in the right manner in an emergency situation. ForAllGifts offers a wide variety of medical ID jewelry from dog tags to bracelets and kids pendants, we have all different kinds for you to choose from. Make sure you and your loved ones are safe with engraving your own piece of medical ID jewelry.

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