Making Team Gifts Memorable

jenniferfortee on Aug 1, 2017

It’s important to have kids and even adults involved in society. In school, kids get to learn what it is like to work in a team. Even in college there are clubs and other activities where a group of people get together to accomplish a goal together. Teamwork is an important role in society. Even when you get older and you are forced to work with a coworker on a certain project- adults have to learn what it is like to work in a team too! As the kids grow older and older and they start to accomplish more things, they deserve some recognition. Whether they are on a sports team, a volunteer service team, or an academic team, everyone loves a little recognition. Wait, let me fix that. Everyone DESERVES a little recognition. Thankfully, at ForAllGifts our personalized gifts are perfect choices to show how proud people are for the team. There are plenty of different types of gifts for different types of teams, so here is our list. This is our list of all the different types of teams that could deserve some recognition with some team gifts.

Not every girl is in a sorority, but those who are understand the time and the commitment it takes to be in a sorority. Sororities are known for their team efforts during events such as Greek Week or even social events where they will help host a run or another social event that benefits others. All the girls in a sorority live under the same standards as their sisters, making them practically family. A perfect team gift for these sororities would be a jewelry box that can be personalized to the name of the sorority, such as “Alpha Sigma Alpha” or “Alpha Omicron Pi”. With these beautifully engraved jewelry boxes, sisters will be able to hold all of their jewelry in one place all the while being reminded of where they got that jewelry box- from their very own sorority.

Sports Teams
There are many gifts that are perfect for sports teams. Everyone participates in different sports teams depending on their passion. There’s baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, the possibilities are endless. For baseball, basketball, and football we have some bronze 3D dog tags will have artwork on one side for the corresponding sport along with a personalized engraved message on the opposite side. You could engrave the teams name, the players name, the year they are playing, where they are playing, the position they are playing, etc. These are the perfect gifts for those players who are passionate about their sport and plan on continuing to play in their futures. They will be able to keep those years they played in school close to their hearts with their very own dog tag. Another gift to consider for baseball are our miniature baseball bats. These bats are great for awards where you can engrave the players name and the award they have won. Not only this, but it’s great when trying to play mini baseball! It’s a win-win.

Academic Teams
In elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college we’ve all come across those academic teams. These types of teams connect on a passionate level through learning and enhancing their skills whether it is the math club, science club, or history club, they are all learning. If you are the leader of these clubs and are so proud of what they have accomplished in this year, then a team gift might be in order. Academic Teams would love to get some of our personalized plaques. These are great gifts for those smaller teams. For the bigger academic teams and great gift for them could be just a simple dog tag!

As we get older and we fall into our place in society, it’s important to remember our past and that is exactly what team gifts represent. They represent that position you played on the field in the year of 2002, they represent that time you and the math team made it all the way to the national competition, they represent the you in high school and the you, you are now. I’m sure you already remember some of the team gifts you’ve already received and you love to look back at them. Make that gift special for someone else as well! Choose your team gift that will be remembered forever.

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