Labor Day Cookout with Mason Jars!

Cosmo Corigliano on Sep 1, 2017

Labor Day Cookout with Mason Jars! No three words can make an employee happier than… drumroll please…. LABOR DAY WEEKEND!

An extra day off, an extra day to rest, and most of all, an extra day to spend with family and friends. Employees everywhere are containing their excitement as they finish out their Friday afternoon routines, and when that clock strikes five – they are ready!

For those of you that are the hosts this Labor Day, we understand the struggle you are going through. You want to relax after a long week, but you have to prepare endless food for your family and friends – all while trying to keep your home clean enough to host everyone. Not an easy task. Especially when this weekend was meant for YOU!

We have a simple and hassle-free answer – mason jars. Yes, mason jars! They can be used for SO many different things, and we’re here to demonstrate.


You’ll want to dress up your home with flowers for the celebration – and we don’t blame you! You can keep the fun and beauty of summer alive while you celebrate the holiday that marks the beginning of fall! Instead of pulling out your not-so-child-proof fine china for a fun barbecue with family and friends, why not use a sturdy mason jar? Not only are mason jars very stylish right now, but they are also a perfect addition to any cook-out! You’ll impress your guests, while keeping things practical and simple.

Candy Jars

You’ll have to keep the little ones happy throughout the party – and what better way to do that than with a few candy jars spread out on the buffet or beverage table? You can even personalize your mason jars to say certain types of Labor Day themed candies. For example, a mason jar labeled “Work Day Night Caps” can be filled with candy bottle caps and wax candy bottles. Or you can play off the occupations of the guests at your party, with mason jars labeled “Teacher’s Pet,” filled with sour apple pops, or “Artist’s Palette” with colorful skittles.

Wine Glasses

Don’t take the risk of breaking your special wine glasses – mason jars can do the same job, and add a fun twist for everyone! Plus, many people prefer drinking wine out of mason jars now-a-days  It’ll make cleaning dishes MUCH easier for you, and prevent any potential broken glass. Mason jars a much sturdier than wine glasses in design and material.

Is it five o’clock yet? Can you hear your co-workers rushing for the door? Well…go! Have fun!! And don’t forget – pick up some mason jars on the way 

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