Happy New Year!!!

raven6 on Jan 3, 2018
Woo hoo hello 2018!  Hopefully you had a fun New Year's celebration and are now fully prepared to tackle this new year! However, you might be someone who made a New Year's resolution, and now that the hype of the holiday is over, the reality of the year is now upon you. How are you going to achieve your goals? Here at For All Gifts we want to help! Was your resolution to drink more water? You can choose from one of our many reusable water bottles and personalize it with an ironic reminder to keep hydrated. You can personalize a notebook so you can write down your hopes and dreams or keep track of your progress. Maybe you want to have more fun in 2018, board games, shot glass sets, or a super sized wine glass might be what you need in your life. Maybe you said you would quit swearing, get a personalized swear jar! (Maybe someone else needs to quit swearing, you can help them out...)
Maybe you've made a more personal promise to yourself, you can write your motivating message or gentle reminder on a bracelet, key chain, or dog tag so you can be reminded every time you wear it. Maybe you just need more encouragement, you can personalize a coffee mug or glass to motivate you to start your day or congratulate yourself for making it through it. 
Maybe you didn't make any resolutions, but you can use something that will make this year a little easier. Is your phone always dying at the most inconvenient times? Try a portable phone charger! Once you personalize it, no one will ever grab yours by accident! Great for train rides, work, or even being out for a walk! Been wishing you could afford to do more of your favorite things? Get a money jar to save up for what you want to do most!  Whether that's take a trip, redecorate your room or house, save for a new computer, or simply eat out at a restaurant you always wanted to try, you can put your spare change towards what you want most. 
Whether or not you made a resolution, For All Gifts is resolved to help make 2018 unforgettable for you and your loved ones!

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