The Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day at Home

Best Personalized Gift ideas for a Fun Snow Day
Scott Kalapos on Jan 20, 2022

Is the weather outside a little too frightful for making snow angels? Snow can be a lot of fun for kids to play in and can provide a nice visual distraction for all. However, especially frigid temperatures may have you and the family holed up inside. Snow days may mean you want nothing more than to stay cozy in your warm home, but that doesn't mean winter days have to be a drag. Check out a few snow day activities and snow day ideas to make winter a little more enjoyable. At ForAllGifts, we have the cure for cabin fever!

1. How about a snow day movie day?

For many people, a favorite way to spend a snow day is to pick a movie or two, pop some popcorn, and huddle in for a good time. This can be great for both families with children as well as for groups of adults. When hosting a movie night for adults, pull out some personalized gifts for the home, such as an engraved cheese serving tray and some monogrammed wine glasses. Good wine and scrumptious snacks are the perfect way to highlight an indoor movie night with friends.

Engraved Cheese Serving Tray | Custom Winter Party Gifts

2. Whip up some hot cocoa

Few things go as well with winter activities as hot cocoa. After some fun in the snow, the whole gang can warm up with a simple recipe. Have everyone make their own personalized hot cocoa mugs, and then create a makeshift "bar" of toppings for them to pick their favorite. Marshmallows are the classic standby, but you can also offer whipped cream, peppermint sticks, and even chocolate shavings.

Holiday Cheer Personalized Mug | Customizable Hot Cocoa Mugs

3. Enjoy a family game day

If you are looking for fun things to do at home in the winter, there's nothing better than a little friendly competition to pass the time. Pick up a personalized chess set, a few personalized game sets, or even a custom air hockey table. For an added touch of fun, throw in a few small prizes and include some good snacks. You can have all kinds of snow day fun while staying totally warm in the process.

Custom Air Hockey Table | Personalized Game Gifts

4. Do a little snow-day photoshoot

Round up the kids or your significant other, mittens, scarves, and a few snowballs. Then start snapping pictures to immortalize your winter fun. Snow day picture ideas can include snapshots during a snowball fight, pictures taken against a snowy backdrop, or even just children staring up at the sky. Add your printed photos to a personalized 3D Photo Crystal Keepsake or personalized picture frame so you'll never forget the fun in the snow.

3D Crystal Photo Tower | Personalized 3D Photo Keepsake Gifts

5. Host an indoor treasure hunt for kids

Grab a few inexpensive personalized gifts for kids and give them a unique way to pass a few hours indoors. Create treasure maps with clues to track down the prizes, and your kids will have so much fun in the process. Make sure "X" marks the spot for the treasure, or simply hide the gifts around the house in concealed areas.

Holiday Cookie Box | Personalized Winter Gifts for Kids

6. Head out for some sledding

If the weather outside isn't too extreme, sledding can be provide tons of fun for kids and the young at heart. Bundle everyone up in their warm clothes and find a nice slope. If you don't have a sled on hand, try a plastic container lid, a plastic container, or even a small air mattress. Inner tubes are a great option as well.

7. Pick out a thoughtful gift for a loved one

Sometimes, when wondering what to do on a snow day, you find that the people you care about are on your mind. If you've been putting off doing something special for someone, take the day to pick out a nice gift or even make something yourself. Most people appreciate something like a personalized medical bracelet, some home-baked cookies, or even a craft project that you put a little thought into.

Men's Medical Alert Stretch Bracelet | Custom Engraved Medical Jewelry

On snow days, you don't have to mope around and wonder how to enjoy the day. There are many fun things to do in the snow or while you stay cozily tucked away indoors. With a bit of creative thinking and a few personalized extras from ForAllGifts, snow days can create the perfect storm of fun, laughs, and cherished memories!


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