5 Tips to Help You Personalize Your Home for the Big Game

Customized Home Decor Gift Ideas for the Super Bowl
Scott Kalapos on Jan 12, 2021

This year's Super Bowl is coming quick! Since many people will watch the game from home this year, it makes sense to add personalized touches to enhance the viewing experience. In this post, we’ve put together five of our top game plans for customizing your home for a Super Bowl experience that's truly "you". Read on to take a look!

1. Opt for Personalized Home Décor That Shows Your Spirit

When it comes to customized home décor, there are a wide variety of options available. These run the gamut from engraved highball glasses to customized floor mats and even personalized front door plaques. Therefore, the best way to decorate your home is to choose items that truly resonate with your style and preferences. Have a favorite photo of yourself and a close friend or family member sporting your favorite team’s jerseys? Display that memory in a custom frame or immortalize it with a laser-engraved 3D crystal keepsake. Wall art, photo books, and even gardening décor can help proclaim your love for the game while adding useful, eye-catching items to your collection.


Personalized Front Door Plaques for Homes



2. Add Personalized Sports Gifts to Your Lineup


Personalized sports gifts are a great way to help super fans better enjoy the Super Bowl. Football-themed coasters, shot glasses, personalized football bottle openers, and even whistle keychains will make fun additions to any game day celebration.

Want to make all the fans in your household feel particularly special? Consider investing in a small but special gift for all of the fans in your household. Custom medical bracelets or personalized games with team logos or slogans are sure to put a smile on any football lover’s face. These gifts are especially ideal in homes where different people back different teams.


Custom Football Bottle Opener



3. Don't Forget Your Kitchenware


Few holidays involve more food than Super Bowl Sunday. Adding sports-themed products to your kitchen contributes to an even more spirited atmosphere. ForAllGifts has a variety of kitchenware options, including personalized slate coasters, custom etched personalized beer pitchers, and even an engraved football cutting board. You'll undoubtedly be making an array of mouthwatering dishes. We suggest serving them with customized kitchen and drinkware items that make the entire event feel more special!


Custom Etched Beer Pitcher for Super Bowl Parties



4. Keep It Real


It's easy to make the mistake of purchasing all of your fun football-themed items before game day. Why is this a mistake? Just imagine if by the next day, you suddenly realize you're never going to use a particular item on any other day or that it doesn't fit in with the rest of your home décor. To avoid this, consider the items you already use and be sure to choose the space your new custom products will occupy carefully!

Sometimes small, individual gifts (including one or more for yourself!) make the biggest impact. For other families who go out of their way to watch every game together, it makes perfect sense to invest in football-themed platters, charcuterie boards, face masks, and more. A dedicated football mom who attends every game and helps to drive the team around will by doubt appreciate a custom travel mug, customized in her honor. No matter what you select, make sure it has a place in your home!


Personalized Football Mom Travel Mug



5. Don't Limit Yourself to Football-Themed Items


As you gear up for Super Bowl festivities by adding personalized touches to your home, don't limit yourself to just customized football gifts. Find ways to bring your family's personality into the picture with any custom items that you can envision working well in your home. Cutting boards with your last name, drink sets with images of each child, and other family-oriented products add a stylish and heart-warming touch to any event.


Custom Engraved Cutting Boards with Names



Ready to start preparing for the big game? Contact ForAllGifts for more information about our custom home items and gifts!


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