How to Take Care of a Specialized Gift

How to Care for a Specialized Gift
Scott Kalapos on Feb 22, 2023

When a loved one gives you something as sentimental as a personalized gift, taking care of that gift so it can be treasured for the years to come is undeniably important. From personalized crystal keepsakes to custom jewelry pieces, each piece can have its own long-term care recommendations. Find out how to care for a special gift so it stays pristine, rust-free, and valuable.

Personalized Decor for the Home

When someone offers you personalized decor for the home, those gifts can be part of your home's interior for the years to come. The key is learning how to display special gifts like these in a safe way and knowing how to clean them properly when needed.

Home & Address Plaques

For example, a personalized compass should be kept on your mantel or on a high shelf away from direct sunlight. If you have personalized home and address plaques, these are usually kept outdoors. Just be sure the item is placed in an area out of the weather, such as under a protective awning on your front porch.

Photo Crystal Keepsakes

A 3D photo crystal keepsake is such a nice gesture with its personalized imagery and beautiful crystal exterior. However, because these items are made of crystal, they do need a bit of special crystal keepsake care. Avoid using abrasives or harsh chemicals when you clean these personalized gifts.

3D Photo Crystal Tower Keepsake

For example, if you have a custom 3D photo tower crystal keepsake, simply wipe it down with a soft cloth when the piece needs to be cleaned. In addition, make sure to display the piece on a sturdy shelf where it won't be vulnerable to getting knocked over and broken.

Laser Engraved Jewelry Gifts

Laser-engraved jewelry gifts can be some of the most precious gifts for many different situations and occasions. A bit of personalized jewelry care will ensure these pieces are not damaged and can be treasured family heirlooms for future generations. Be sure to take the jewelry off before bathing, showering, or swimming, as components in the water can damage the engraved imagery.

Custom Engraved Jewelry Gifts

Also, avoid wearing the jewelry to bed, as it is easy to put pressure on something like a necklace clasp while asleep. When the piece needs to be cleaned, follow the manufacturer's guidelines about what cleaning solutions should be used on certain types of metal.

Personalized Memorial Gifts

Personalized memorial gifts help you remember the life and memories associated with a beloved pet, family member, or loved one. These gifts may be anything from a memorial garden stone to a set of personalized wind chimes.

Personalized Memorial Garden Stone

If your memorial gift is kept outdoors, be sure to bring it indoors during inclement weather. Some sentimental gifts may benefit from an occasional coat of sealer, such as a memorial stone for a beloved pet that stays outdoors.

Protecting Your Personalized Gifts Means Having an Everlasting Treasure

From jewelry boxes with your name engraved to special t-shirts with personalized messages, these gifts can mean so much when we receive them. Therefore, taking good care of these personalized gifts is always important. Are you looking for the perfect personalized gift for a special person? Be sure to take a look at the full collection at ForAllGifts.

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