Summer Travel Essentials Guide

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Scott Kalapos on Jul 15, 2022

It looks (and definitely feels) like summer has settled in! Time to get back to enjoying the sun and letting the stress of the everyday flow out of your life with a fun getaway. Being well prepared makes all the difference when it comes to how much fun things will be along the way. This is true whether you're going to a local beach or traveling to a different state to visit an attraction or relatives. Read on to see our list of key travel items you'll need to make the most of any voyage. Don't leave home without these essentials!

Don't Leave Home Without These 7 Travel Essentials

1. Grab your personalized travel mug

Are you going on a road trip with a group of friends? Make sure everyone in the car has their own personalized travel mug. These personalized travel necessities will prevent everyone from getting their drinks mixed up. They'll also help you keep that much-needed coffee hot during long nights or early mornings on the road.

Personalized Bamboo Travel Mug | Custom Travel Gifts

2. Stuff a backpack with travel essentials

Luggage is nice, but a backpack can be a convenient carry-on bag whether you're on a road trip or on a train or airplane. A backpack is a great place to store your necessities. These might include change of clothes, medications, reading material, contact lens supplies, assorted hygiene products, and more. This way, when you get to a hotel to sleep for the night or in the event  your checked luggage is lost, your personalized backpack will ensure you still have everything you need.

Design Your Own Drawstring Backpack | Essential Travel Gifts

3. Don't forget personalized travel must-haves

Unique travel gifts can help ensure your belongings are not lost while you're away from home. Some of the best-personalized travel accessories include items such as personalized luggage tags or even a personalized wallet for men. If you are going away for a special occasion, or even seeing someone off on their own grand adventure, personalized gifts for him like a wallet or gifts for her like a jewelry case will be highly appreciated.

Men's Brown Leather Wallet | Travel Gifts for im

4. Pack a few personalized gifts for kids for tough times

Traveling with children can sometimes be a challenge. Long car or plane rides can leave high-energy little ones a little restless and agitated. Having a special surprise on hand can settle them down. Before leaving home, consider grabbing a few personalized gifts for kids that you can pull out during an emergency. Whether it's a portable game, a special teddy bear, or something else, these little surprises can help you get from point A to point B with happy kids. Remember, calm and quiet kids will keep fellow passengers happy too.

Personalized Teddy Bear with T-Shirt | Travel Gifts for Kids

5. Take your journal to document the memories

Traveling is the perfect time to jot down the highlights of the excursion. It's a great way to treasure the best moments for the years to come. Consider picking up a personalized journal that you will use specifically when you travel. Make notes about the things on your trip you enjoyed the most, the places you got to see along the way, and even the people you meet. Since the journal is personalized, it can always be returned to you if you accidentally leave it behind.

Personalized Bamboo Journal with Pen | Fun Travel Gifts

6. Add your necessities to a cosmetic bag

It's easy to leave home and forget the necessities you'll need for hygiene purposes while you're away. For example, two of the most important travel essentials for women may be an engraved compact mirror and makeup. Grab a zippered cosmetic bag to carry things such as toothpaste, deodorant, extra shampoo, and toiletries. Packing these items separately ensures you don't open your luggage to find your favorite shirt covered in toothpaste or your socks coated in face powder.

Round Compact Mirror - Engraved | Travel Gifts for Her

7. Don't forget personalized medical ID jewelry

When traveling to an unfamiliar place, personalized medical ID jewelry is important. Something like a personalized medical ID bracelet lets bystanders know important health information in the event you can't speak for yourself. When your illnesses or allergies are known, people can make critical moves to keep you safe.

Engraved Black Silicone Medical Bracelet | Travel Jewelry Gifts

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