Backpack Checklist: What to Pack for the First Day of School?

Personalized Gifts for the First Day of School
Scott Kalapos on Aug 16, 2023

You've picked up the back-to-school clothes and shoes, but now it's time to track down all those school supply essentials. From backpacks and lunchboxes to pencil cases and water bottles, a kid's school supplies list can get pretty long. Take a look at a few must-have elementary school supplies your new student is bound to need for the school year ahead.

What to Pack for the First Day of Elementary School

Seeing your little one set off on a new path in school can be so heartwarming and emotional. However, when you know you have provided all the kindergarten must-haves, your parent heart can rest a little easier knowing your little one has everything they need for the days ahead. Don't forget these elementary school essentials.

1. Backpack

The best backpack for kindergarten will be just big enough for holding all those 1st day of school supplies. A Pink Doodle Personalized Drawstring Backpack could be perfect for girls. Or a Happy Shark Personalized Drawstring Backpack could be just what your little boy needs. These drawstring backpacks are just big enough. If you're wondering how to pack a backpack for school, remember, the bookbag should hold all the things you need for school. However, the backpack shouldn't be so heavy that it's hard to carry.

Happy Shark Drawstring Backpack with Name

2. Lunchbox or Lunch Bag

When you send your little one off to school, you will want to make sure they have something good to eat when lunchtime arrives. Picking a personalized lunch box ensures your little one can always track down their lunch. Having a personalized lunchbox or lunch bag is a fun and unique way to show off a student's interests and personality. For instance, a little boy may love a Robotics Personalized Retro Metal Lunch Box or a Dinosaur Dig Personalized Blue Lunch Bag. Your little princess may like a Rainbow Unicorn Personalized Retro Metal Lunch Box or an Underwater Mermaid Personalized Pink Lunch Bag.

Personalized Lunchboxes for Kids

3. Pencil Case

A pencil case is always an elementary school essential. Otherwise, your young student could be left digging for a pencil or marker when they need it in their backpack. A Princess In Pink Personalized Pencil Case can be a good pick for girls, and a T-Rex Personalized Pencil Case can be just right for boys. Pencil cases are small enough to tuck into a backpack, but big enough to hold pencils and even a small box of crayons if needed.

Pink Personalized Princess Pencil Case

4. Ruler

Make sure your little one gets to their first days of elementary school with a ruler they can keep track of because it bears their name. The Deluxe Two-Tone Engraved Wood Ruler can be personalized with the new student's name, so they can keep this school essential for the years to come. These rulers can also be a nice gift to offer your child's new teacher, especially with a personalized inscription.

Two-Tone Engraved Ruler

5. Water Bottle

Be sure to grab your brand-new kindergartner a personalized water bottle to keep with them throughout the day. All the chatter with new friends is bound to leave them looking for a drink, and water fountains may not always be accessible. Water bottles can be personalized with names, so they don't get mixed up between little hands and so germs don't spread from one child to the next. Be sure to pick up a spill-proof bottle that is small enough for your child to carry.

Personalized Water Bottles

6. Extras

Don't forget a few little extras that can make the day go a little easier. If you add something like a Personalized Coloring Book Sketch Pad with Colored Pencils to your child's backpack, they will have something to do to occupy their time during recess or quiet time. You could even add a sticker book, so your little one can share stickers with their new friends or a special item from home, simply for comfort.

Coloring Book Sketch Pad with Colored Pencils

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From the very first backpack your child will ever use to the pencil case to keep up with writing instruments, you can find so many school essentials at ForAllGifts. Take a look at our full collection of back-to-school essentials to make your child's first day of school a memorable occasion.



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