Posted by: jenniferfortee on Jun 8, 2017
It’s been a long 4 years and the time has come to move on to that next chapter. All the memories of when they were little flash back into your head. All the tears begin to flow because you just don’t understand where all the time went. Everyone is remembering back on the... read more
Posted by: jenniferfortee on Jun 7, 2017
Let’s face it, we all know that one person that seems to have everything they could ever want. They are also known as the hardest people to find a gift for. From countless tech accessories to several pieces of wall art, you name and they’ve got it.  You often just peruse... read more
Posted by: Julie Groom on Jun 2, 2017
How To Wear Your MonogramGone are the days of alphabet gel earrings, t-shirts with a single bedazzled letter, and home made bracelets with your best friend’s initials. The problem with that? Many of us are having serious withdrawals. Sadly, when you reach a certain age, you... read more