Custom 3D Photo Crystal Keepsakes

Custom 3D Crystal Keepsakes | Personalized 3D Photo Crystals

Welcome to our beautiful & unique collection of 3D photo crystal gifts! Take the time to browse our 3D photo crystal heart keepsakes, stunning custom crystal photo wedding gifts, sophisticated laser engraved crystal photo keychains, festive engraved crystal ornaments, attractive crystal wine stoppers with initials & photos, and so much more. Your lucky recipient is sure to love the extra thought, time, consideration, and class included in each and every one of our customized 3D photo crystal keepsake gifts!

Laser Engraved 3D Crystal Gifts

If you're looking for personalized gifts that break from the norm and work for nearly any occasion, our wide selection of custom engraved 3D photo crystal keepsakes is for you. We offer several keepsakes with lifelike photos etched and engraved into a sturdy yet refined crystal surface, creating memorable gifts quite unlike any others. Whether you're looking for birthday gifts, retirement gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, newborn gifts, holiday gifts, or a festive item to commemorate any other special occasion, you'll find the best idea right here. Forallgifts has custom photo-engraved crystal wine stoppers, personalized 3D photo-engraved crystal towers & hearts, custom 2D photo-engraved pendants with necklace chains, and many more 3D crystal gifts.

3D Custom Photo Keepsake Options

Personalized Engraved 3D Photo Crystal Keepsakes

Some of our most popular and impressive custom crystal decoration gifts are our engraved 3D photo crystal keepsakes. With these popular and memorable personalized gifts, your favorite photograph can be etched or engraved into sparkling clear crystal to create a three-dimensional, lifelike effect. Just send us your favorite photograph (preferably well-lit and in high resolution) and we'll get to work on immortalizing your favorite memory. These 3D photo gifts can be used as mantel pieces, placed on nightstands, displayed on bookshelves, or placed on desks to fondly recall treasured memories for a favorite coworker. Several shapes and styles are available, all of which are included in the list below this paragraph.

Types of Personalized Engraved 3D Photo Crystal Keepsakes - Shapes

Custom 3D Photo Crystals with LED Bases

If you want an upgrade that will literally and figuratively light up your gift, we suggest you consider adding an LED light base to your 3D crystal gifts. This will elevate your photo and bring it some extra attention, creating an even more dazzling gift display.

Customizable Crystal Wine Stoppers with 3D Photos

If you've been driving yourself up the wall trying to come up with a unique and meaningful gift to celebrate a momentous occasion, you can stop right here. Our custom glass crystal wine stoppers, personalized for wedding gifts, engagement gifts, retirement gifts, and more, are the perfect way to top off a celebratory bottle of champagne. Each wine stopper is engraved with a 3D photographic image of the person/people you're looking to recognize and support.

Custom 2D Picture Crystal Keychains

Your recipient will never have to worry about leaving their keys behind again when you buy custom 2D crystal photo keychains from ForAllGifts. Why? The answer is quite simple. These personalized crystal keychain gifts are so original, fun, and pleasing to the eye that nobody will want to put them down! Add in the fact that they're lit with LED lights to help light dark areas and find dropped items, you'll surely never lose your keys again. These 2D crystal photo gifts are sure to be amazing gifts for any and everyone in your life who misplaces their belongings.

Custom Engraved Crystal 3D Photo Pendants

Now you can give your special someone a treasured gift that they'll be able to proudly wear & show off wherever they go. Our custom-engraved 3D photo pendants consist of engraved crystal picture pendants with chains in a variety of shapes. Up to two people/animals can be engraved into the jewelry, enabling a parent or grandparent to be proudly reminded of their cherished offspring at all times. These make great personalized gifts for Mother's Day and Grandparents' Day!

Personalized Engraved Crystal 3D Photo Ornaments

Bring in the holiday season with a personalized ornament that features a 3D photo. Add a personal touch to a Christmas tree, mantel, cubicle wall, or any other place where one might hang a prized decoration by way of our custom-engraved 3D picture ornaments. Available in three different shapes, these festive ornaments can be purchased as gifts for holidays, retirements, anniversaries, birth announcements, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and just about any other event that merits a celebration.

Engraved Crystal 3D Photo Ornament Keepsake Styles


Custom 3D Photo Crystal Keepsakes FAQ

How does 3D crystal engraving work?
Our 3D photo crystal keepsake gifts memorialize precious images with a unique, eye-catching idea. ForAllGifts uses state-of-the-art 3D conversion software and innovative laser engraving technology to render a detailed etching of your photo.
When is the best time to gift a 3D crystal keepsake?
Any occasion worth commemorating deserves a custom crystal gift! However, these gift ideas are especially meaningful when given as Mother's Day, Christmas presents, or memorial gifts.
How do I personalize a 3D photo crystal keepsake?
Creating your own custom 3D photo crystal keepsake is easy at ForAllGifts. Simply select your preferred keepsake shape and size, add a thoughtful message, and upload your favorite photo to make a lasting memory with a sentimental gift.
What type of photo works best?
We can work with both old and new photos to create your custom 3D photo crystal keepsake. We suggest scanning physical images to achieve the highest resolution for production. If you have to take a picture of a photo, make sure the shooting environment is free from any harsh light and that the image you are submitting does not have a glare present, as this will impact the quality of the finished product. Of course, if we find that your photo cannot be produced, we'll stop production and reach out to you as soon as possible.
How will I know if my photo will have a great result?
We recommend submitting clear photos and feature subjects completely without cropping. It's best to avoid images with extreme lighting or heavy shadowing. If you'd like our team to review your photo before submitting your order, feel free to email the picture as an attachment to our team with the SKU# in the subject line of the email.
Can I send a physical photo for you to use?
We do not accept physical photos for production. If you need help converting your image to a .jpg file, our team can help over the phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Call our personalized gift experts for assistance.