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ForAllGifts is where to shop for the best custom baptism & christening gifts. We have personalized baby footprint ornaments, wooden and metal engraved crosses for babies, unique engravable Noah's Ark money banks, and much more. If you're looking for personalized baptism gifts for babies or godparents, this is the place to be!

Personalized Christening Gifts for Godparents & More

You'll find the perfect custom christening gifts & personalized baptism gift ideas within our collection. We have gorgeous engraved crosses, baptism photo albums, several engraved christening keepsake boxes, personalized infant jewelry gifts, and much more. Within our inventory, you'll find excellent traditional religious baptism gifts for babies and godparents alike. Our unique personalized christening gift items can be engraved with names, dates, and special messages to help this significant rite of passage be remembered fondly for years to come. A lifetime of security and faith in God can be celebrated with a custom keepsake from ForAllGifts! 

Custom Baptism Gifts & Engraved Christian Gifts for Babies

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Personalized Baptism Crosses


The Christian cross is the ultimate sign of faith in the Holy Trinity. Gifting one to a newly baptized child is an excellent way to acknowledge his or her entry into a lifetime of faith and love of God. We have multiple styles of crosses for christening gifts. The next two paragraphs will explain them further.

Engraved Wooden Baptism Crosses

Among our most popular custom christening gifts are our personalized wooden crosses for baptism. These sturdy, thoughtful, and inspirational faith gifts are expertly engraved with the child's name as well as the date of the ceremony. Symbolic Christian graphics are also engraved into these crosses. Some are engraved with the phrase "Baptized in Christ" at the bottom.

Customized Silver Wall Crosses

In addition to our wooden crosses, we also offer silver personalized engraved baptism wall crosses. These ornate silver wall crosses are custom engraved with a child's name and the date of their baptism in dd-mm-yyyy format. They feature highly detailed design work at the ends and in the center, creating a beautiful piece of inspirational art to help set the tone for a lifetime of faith.

Customizable Baptism & Christening Keepsake Gifts

Parents, godparents, grandparents, and friends of the baptized child will want to mark the occasion with a special and memorable gift. We have many options to choose from, ranging from the traditional to the unique and creative. Six of our top categories will be introduced in a bit more detail as this section unfolds. They make thoughtful personalized gifts to kids from a family member, but can also be given from a business to an employee or loyal customer.

Personalized Religious Wall Art for Babies

Filling a child's home and bedroom with beautiful and inspirational art can both stimulate and comfort their young minds. Items such as our custom Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep wall art and our many other personalized Christian canvas wall hangings can provide these benefits along with reassuring feelings of love and security. When your children get older, they will likely ask about the origin of the canvas wall art hanging above their beds. This can create priceless, treasured family moments in which kids are told the story behind the art and of all the friends and family members who came out to be there for them on their big day.

Custom Engraved Baptism Keepsake Boxes

At ForAllGifts, you'll find a variety of customizable baptism keepsake box gifts. Some, such as our custom engraved glass baptism keepsake boxes, are often used to hold jewelry. Other models have different purposes. We also have personalized first tooth & curl boxes. Beautifully engraved with a child's name or your custom message, these keepsake boxes are designed to hold baby teeth and locks of hair from a child's first haircut.

Engraved Baptism Photo Albums

Personalized engraved photo albums for christening & baptism are always popular gifts for and from godparents. They can be used to house pictures of this sacred ceremony as well as snapshots of other key moments of a child's earliest days. Such items have instant heirloom potential and are sure to be brought out several times over the years to relive precious memories. Most will likely be displayed in prominent places around the child's home so that they can be seen each and every day. Consider engraving these personalized baptism gifts with a name or even a special message!

Personalized Christening Picture Frames

Much like our photo albums, the custom made baptism picture frames you'll find on our site are both practical and sentimental religious gifts. They can be occupied by a picture of the child as they are immersed in the baptismal font or perhaps when they are being held by parents or godparents in front of the altar. Those are just two of the many possibilities that these customizable picture frames present. Each is engraved with the child's name, while some also have space for adding dates and other content. Contact us for information regarding personalization fees, discounts, payment information, ordering over our secure server, or any other questions.

Custom Made Baptism Ornaments

Personalized ornament gifts for baptism are a traditional yet fun idea that never goes out of style. Whether the baby is baptized during the holiday season or in any other time of the year, these ornaments will make a great addition to any Christmas tree or holiday display. Our baptism ornaments include baby footprints artwork as well as information such as the child's name and the date and location of their baptism. They can also make great wedding gifts for any couple expecting a child.

Personalized Engraved Silver Baby Cups & Custom Engraved Baby Spoons

Our personalized engraved silver baby spoons and engraved baby cups for baptism are excellent baptism gifts that will last a lifetime. The spoons are plated with silver, while the cups can be plated with silver or be constructed from other materials such as pewter. We also offer our silver plated baby cups in a sippy cup style. Each spoon or cup is custom engraved for your special little recipient. As is the case with all of our personalized baptism gifts, these are items that will be held onto for the long haul, becoming a permanent fixture in the lives of those who receive them. They're terrific gift ideas for a church looking to add a little something special at the end of the ceremony.

Custom Bible Gifts for Baptism

The bible is the cornerstone of the Christian faith in God. It provides a valid reference for learning more about the religion as well as a source of comfort in times of need. At ForAllGifts, you'll find great bible gifts for baptism. These include traditional bibles as well as storybook style bibles which introduce children to their faith in a gentle yet educational way. Add a child's name, date, or perhaps even a special message as a sign of your regard.

Personalized Christening Gift Bibles

One can think of the bible as a training manual of sorts for life as a Christian. It holds a lot of answers to the tough questions in life and serves as a guide and source of strength in times of doubt and trouble. Our personalized baptism bibles will provide comfort and joy to children as they grow, both from the contents of the holy text and the knowledge that you care enough about them to provide such a meaningful gift. We have customizable baptism bibles for boys and girls. Many come with a dedication page to store names (possibly as a recipient address book) and other information to personalize these religious gifts in an extra special way.

Custom Storybook Bibles for Children

If you're looking for a meaningful baptism gift that is also fun and educational, we encourage you to consider customizable storybook bibles. These personalized Christian story books contain information from key parts of the bible, packaged in a way that's child-friendly and easy to understand. Gentle illustrations and colorful storytelling help to hold children's interest, providing a perfect vehicle to celebrate faith as well as bonding when used for bedtime reading.

Personalized Baptism Jewelry Gifts

If you'd like to gift a special child in your life with a piece of jewelry to celebrate their baptism or christening, we have you covered. Search through our impressive collection of custom engraved baby bracelets and add your special message to the model that you like most. Consider adding a keepsake box to provide an ideal storage space.

Custom Engraved Religious Bracelets for Infants

Does a jewelry gift that is sure to become a treasured possession for life sound like a good idea to you? If so, we recommend taking a look at our personalized engraved baptism gift bracelets. Though these engraved and monogrammed baby bracelets aren't restricted to religious events; they can be used for secular occasions as well.

Personalized Baptism Keepsake Jewelry Boxes

Whether given as an accessory to the bracelets covered in the above paragraph or provided as a standalone gift, our custom engraved baptism jewelry boxes are always a hit. These keepsake boxes come in versions for both boys and girls and come in both glass and metal models. They provide a wonderful place for storing rosary beads as well as other pieces of religious and secular jewelry. Combined with a bracelet or necklace, these make terrific christening gift ideas.