Personalized Dog Tags

Personalized Dog Tags
A dog tag is a classic gift for the special person in your life for any occasion. However, ForAllGifts has a huge selection for you to choose from! Once you personalize any of our wide variety of customized dog tags, you will have created the perfect gift for the loved one in your life. 
Dog tags are traditionally associated with a lover in the military, but they are great for all sorts of occasions! Whether your significant other is near or far, they will appreciate a dog tag with your names and the date you first met or made it official engraved on these classic pieces. You can add a graphic to further customize your gift! But custom engraved dog tags aren’t just good for lovers and far away family!
If there is someone who just accomplished something great in their lives, like a solid baseball season, good grades, a job promotion, or any achievement at all, reward them with our personalized dog tags! The stainless steel tags are more traditional dog tags, but we offer a wide variety in various materials, shapes, and colors! Choose from our bronze or our stainless steel models, 3D or gemstone accents, photo engraved or color imprinted, blue, red, black, silver, and even ones with an intricately designed border or one that comes with a cross! Bronze tags feature sports themes to commemorate a great season or MVP status. And we also offer a wide variety of medical alert dog tags as well. Young or old, boy or girl, they will love these custom engraved dog tags! 
Our sports themed ones make great team gifts! Engrave them with the team name, a small graphic, the player’s name and number, and this will make a gift that will forever remind them of the intense camaraderie and exhilarating season. Coach will love one too! Or if you recently lost a loved family member or pet, engrave their photo on one side and a sweet note or their name on the back to remind you of how much they meant to you and all of your sweet memories. Give this to your family members as a condolence gift so they can always have a thoughtful reminder of their loved ones. 
Engraved medical alert dog tags will make sure that if your loved one is ever in trouble they will have something to speak for them! Medical personnel will immediately see the engraved dog tag with the unmistakable medical alert symbol and be instantly informed of preexisting health conditions or allergies. Customize with the patient’s name, health condition, and the number to call in case of emergency. Use abbreviations when possible so our engravers can make the etching as large as possible. ICE is an acronym for “In Case of Emergency”, so you can place that right before the number to call if your loved one is ever in trouble. 
Whether it’s a happy or sad occasion, engraved dog tags make the perfect gift. Engrave a name, date, or motto on these dog tags to make them a lasting favorite gift! Upgrade for a small fee to get an extra chain, and every dog tag comes boxed for hassle free gifting. 
ForAllGifts ensures satisfaction with your personalized dog tags. So order today! We will make sure you are not disappointed.