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Engraved Rings | Custom Wedding Bands | Personalized Birthstone Rings

Our personalized engraved rings are jewelry gifts that are perfect for any occasion or recipient. We have many styles to choose from. Just a few of these include custom eternity rings with birthstones, assorted custom made wedding bands, stylish personalized engraved friendship rings, gorgeous engraved anniversary date rings, meaningful personalized message rings and bands, and many others. Whether buying a custom ring for him, her, mom, a spouse, or a good friend, our collection has everything you're looking for.

Engraved Personalized Rings | Custom Gold Wedding Bands | Jewelry Gifts for Her

A personalized ring is one of the most intimate gifts you can give to another person. Throughout the course of one’s life, a ring can mean so many different things; the start of a new friendship, a promise to your first love, a family memento, or of course, the commitment to whom you’ll spend the rest of your life. When you add your personal touch on an engraved ring, your loved one will be in complete awe of the time and thought you spent on making their day extraordinarily special.

Personalized rings can document your entire relationship with a significant other; a promise ring with the date you first met, a couples ring with the day you began dating, and eventually a wedding ring with the date you began your lives together, or a monogrammed ring to acknowledge your new married name. Of course, a bond even more powerful than marriage is that of a mother and child. A personalized mother’s ring can symbolize her connection with her little ones, and the unending love she has for each of them. Maybe it’s a birthstone ring to commemorate the day a mother finally came face to face with her newborn baby, or custom 5 birthstone ring with each of her children’s initials. Each of our rings is designed to impress their recipient for years to come, with an engraving that reminds them of the love, friendships, and memories they hold in their heart.

Custom Date Rings | Custom Made Birthstone Rings for Mom | Engraved Wedding Bands

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Custom Engraved Ring Recipients

ForAllGifts is where to buy the best customized rings and wedding bands to gift any special person in your life. We have personalized rings for her, custom men's rings, engraved rings for mom, custom made couple's rings, unisex rings, friendship rings, and more.

Personalized Rings for Men

Be it a wedding band, signet ring, religious ring, or any other style, you'll find all of the best custom made engraved rings for him on our site. Our styles are sophisticated and charming, yet decidedly masculine. As such, they make excellent gifts for men for all sorts of occasions.

Engraved Rings for Her

We certainly haven't forgotten the ladies, as we have a plethora of personalized rings for women as well. Our custom made rings for her come in several different styles, materials, shapes, and sizes to please that special girl or woman in your life. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, platonic friends, valued colleagues and more can all be treated to a jewelry gift from our collection.

Personalized Rings for Mom

Whether you're shopping for a birthday, Mother's Day, retirement, or anniversary gift, you'll find all of the best custom engraved rings for mothers at ForAllGifts. Many of our custom rings for moms include beautiful birthstones along with custom engraving. The stones can represent the receiving mother's birthday, wedding anniversary, or perhaps her children or grandchildren.

Custom Engraved Rings for Couples

If you want to buy matching personalized rings for couples, ForAllGifts is the place to be. One of our most popular couples rings is linked to in the previous sentence. It features two birthstones, one to represent each member of the happy pair.

Custom Engraved Wedding Bands

The engagement ring is only half of the story. Once she says yes, he'll still need a wedding band for the big day. We offer many great personalized engraved wedding bands. They come in many styles and materials, allowing for personal taste as well as budget considerations. Among our inventory, you'll find such choices as custom gold plated wedding bands, stately personalized silver wedding bands, unique engraved stainless steel wedding bands, and more.

Different Types of Personalized Rings

In addition to our top-notch lineup of wedding bands, we carry several other styles of customized rings. There are quite a few to cover, so we'll provide summaries of 9 of our most prominent styles over the course of this section.

Custom Engraved Birthstone Rings

Our beautiful personalized birthstone rings are ideal jewelry gifts for many different recipients and many different occasions. They're especially great gifts for mothers, as each stone can be used to represent one of their children or grandchildren. We have single stone rings, 2 birthstone rings, 3 birthstone rings, 5 birthstone rings, and 6 birthstone rings, offering a wide variety for suiting many purposes. They feature sterling silver construction with Austrian gemstones to signify births and other special events.

Personalized Cuff Rings

If you're looking for personalized engraved rings that break from the mold, our custom engraved cuff rings will be an excellent fit. These rings are longer than most, covering a larger area. They cover much of the space between the knuckles at the base and middle of the finger.

Custom Made Signet Rings

Another classic yet novel style can be found in our personalized engraved signet rings. These rings feature a raised design in the middle of the top side. They have a history going back thousands of years. Throughout most of their run, they were worn on the pinky finger by people of great power and influence and served as a signature of sorts. Some were even used as stamps. Today, they're a great fashion accessory that goes with any outfit and help to raise the confidence of all who wear them.

Engraved Serenity Prayer Rings

Those who greatly value their religious faith will always find comfort in custom Serenity Prayer rings. This goes double when they receive them from a loved one whose support is a key factor in their lives. Each is custom engraved with your specified text on the outside, while bearing the classic Serenity Prayer on the inside of the ring. If you'd like to gift more than one style of religious jewelry, we suggest taking a look at our personalized Footprints in the Sand rings as well.

Personalized Claddagh Rings

Some of our best and most popular personalized friendship rings can be found in the form of our custom engraved claddagh rings. These gorgeous rings are meticulously crafted for an unforgettable gift that will be treasured for life. A claddagh ring represents loyalty, love, and friendship, speaking volumes about the unbreakable bond between two people who care deeply for each another.

Custom Made Cutout Rings

If you'd like to gift your friend, loved one, or yourself with a custom ring style that is growing in popularity, we suggest considering personalized cutout rings. These custom rings have names, dates, and other special items cut into their surface. This leaves a hole in the shape of said marks, rather than engraving that simply cuts partially into the surface. It's an artistic style with a bold aesthetic that is catching on quickly.

Personalized Engraved I Love You Rings

Custom made I Love You Rings make wonderful sentimental gifts between family members and friends. Any parent or grandparent would love to receive one of our "I Love You to the Moon and Back" rings from a child or grandchild as a token of their love, respect, and admiration. Made from 316L stainless steel, these rings are engraved with the above sentiment on the outer side and contain your customized text on the inside. This space is often used to identify the sender of the ring along with a further statement of affection.

Custom Engraved Spinner Rings

If you're unfamiliar with spinner rings, we can explain them to you. Our personalized spinner rings feature two rings in one. There's an interior stationary ring and as well as an outer ring that can be spun around by the fingertips. They make a great fashion statement as well as a stress-slaying fidget device.

Personalized Gold Rings, Custom Engraved Silver Rings & More

No matter which metal or material you or your recipient favors, you'll find a perfect match when browsing our site. We offer a terrific mix, including custom gold vermeil rings, attractive personalized rose gold rings, multiple custom engraved stainless steel rings, striking personalized engraved sterling silver rings, and more.

Design Your Own Customizable Rings & Wedding Bands

Your recipient will feel extra special and appreciated when you take the time to personalize the ring you buy for them. Our customizable rings and wedding bands can be decorated in many different ways. In the next two paragraphs, we'll talk a bit about engraving and personalization via monograms, names, and dates.

Engraved Personalized Rings

At ForAllGifts, you'll find a broad assortment of excellent custom engraved rings and wedding bands. Some are engraved with names, some with dates, some with initials, some with special messages, and still others with additional options. There are many to choose from, ensuring that you'll be able to find the right personalization to fit any recipient.

Custom Monogrammed Rings

Our personalized monogram rings feature a recipient's initials engraved or molded into their surfaces (or carved out in our cutout rings) for a timeless and stately piece of jewelry that everyone will love. We also have personalized rings with names and dates that can immortalize special moments as well as those who share them.

Custom Engraved Rings & Personalized Wedding Bands - FAQ

We'll round out this guide to our personalized engraved rings & custom wedding bands by providing some answers to some of the questions we're most frequently asked.

Which sizes do your custom rings come in?
Our rings come in many different sizes. The available size range varies by model. Most are produced in sizes 5 through 12, though there are some with larger and smaller sizes available. To get an idea for what size would best fit you or your recipient, please refer to our ring sizing guide.
What are promise rings for?
Some of our offerings fall into the can function quite well as custom engraved promise rings. A promise ring is a symbol of a couple's dedication to each other and their relationship. It's often used by those who aren't quite old enough for engagement or who just aren't ready to take that next big step, but still wish to show the depths of their devotion.
Do you have engraved hypoallergenic rings?
Yes! We carry several custom made hypoallergenic rings with engraving. They come in many styles, with the example linked to being one of our men's signet rings. They're safe to wear for users who typically have trouble with jewelry due to allergies.
What is the difference between vermeil rings and plated rings?
Two terms you'll frequently see on our rings and wedding bands page are "vermeil" and "plated". The essential difference is that a vermeil ring (such as our personalized rose gold vermeil rings) has a coating of gold or another precious metal over a sterling silver surface. Metal plated rings, such as our custom engraved gold plated rings, have a coating of a precious metal over a surface that doesn't have to be silver. Brass, copper, and stainless steel are just a few examples of the metals that can lie beneath the outer surface of a plated ring. The relative value of each is not fixed. All things being equal, a vermeil ring would have a greater value and often a higher price. However, the thickness and weight of the gold or other precious metal coating could change this. Therefore, it's best to just view them individually and value each on its own merits.