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For a special gift that is sure to be a favorite, an engraved watch is the perfect choice. Watches are a fashion statement, and at ForAllGifts we offer a selection of styles to suit various tastes. You can even personalize your very own pocket watch for that special someone. Our offerings include such choices as customizable quartz watches, several personalized watches for men and personalized watches for women, beautiful engraved pocket watches with monograms, and even accessories such as custom engraved watch boxes. Choose from corporate and conservative, flashy or sporty. Then we'll engrave a special sentiment on the back so your loved one can keep your kind words close each day.

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If you're looking for the perfect gifts to celebrate a special someone in your life, consider our personalized watches. We offer a wide variety of customizable watches that can be engraved with initials, names, special messages, and more. Whether it's a pocket watch, wristwatch, quartz, mechanical, or automatic watch, we have the perfect timepiece gift for you. Browse our collection of personalized watches for him & her to find the ideal match for your friend or loved one.

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Different Styles of Personalized Watches

There are many different kinds of customizable watches on our site, all of which make great choices for a personalized gift. To help you navigate our assorted varieties smoothly, we've put together a little guide that is dedicated to explaining our most prominent styles. Read through and you'll become an expert on watches in no time!

Customized Watches for Him

ForAllGifts is where to buy the best personalized engraved men's watches. We have sport watches, wristwatches, and pocket watches that any man would be honored to receive as a gift. Uncles, fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, boyfriends, and grandfathers are just a few of the lucky fellows for whom you can purchase a customizable men's watch from ForAllGifts.

Personalized Watches for Her

We also offer numerous custom engraved women's watches. If you want to thank an outstanding mom or grandmother, wish to gift a daughter who is graduating college, or want to order a special birthday gift for a sister, our custom ladies' watches have you covered.

Custom Made Unisex Watches

If you're buying watches for multiple recipients or are looking for a style that's not specifically masculine or feminine, we can help you out. We carry terrific personalized unisex watches that make great gifts for men, women, boys, and girls. Custom engraved with initials, names, and/or special messages, these watches are comfortable, accurate, durable, stylish, and a guaranteed hit with your recipient.

Custom Engraved Pocket Watches

Our personalized pocket watches are classic gifts that never go out of style. Each is of the utmost quality and is customizable with your chosen text for a truly unforgettable gift. Many models come with chains and clips for a classic look and secure attachment. You may sometimes see these types of watches referred to as "fob watches" due to their fob-like attachment style and functionality.

Personalized Wristwatches

If you'd like to select something with a more modern style, we recommend taking a look at our custom made engravable wristwatches. Available in wooden, leather, and leatherette materials, these are gorgeous timepieces that any recipient will be proud to wear. They have adjustable fits, allowing them to be worn comfortably by people of most any size.

Custom Made Chronograph Watches

When you're looking for a high quality watch that has many different functions, personalized chronograph watch gifts are an ideal choice. In addition to the main clock face, a chronograph watch contains 2 to 3 additional, smaller faces. These can be used to separately measure hours, minutes, seconds, and even tenths of seconds. They run separately from the main portion of the watch and can be activated and de-activated much like a stopwatch. They're sometimes referred to as tachymeter chronograph watches, especially when numbers are added to the bezel.

They can be used to measure time, distance, and speed. For example, if it is known that a vehicle is traveling at a constant speed of 30 miles per hour, one can look at the various dials to figure out how far they have traveled. If the minute hand is at 10, it can be known that the distance traveled is 5 miles. Ten is one-sixth of an hour, meaning that one-sixth of the distance has been covered. 30 divided by 6 equals 5. When armed with basic arithmetic skills, a user can do many things with a chronograph watch.

Customized Skeleton Watches

No, a skeleton watch is not a Halloween gift. Actually, it could be used as one, but that's not usually their focus. Our personalized engraved skeleton watches have faces that leave some or all of the interior workings of the watch exposed. This is a style that has endured in popularity for generations. It creates a fun and unique way to tell time. In order to display the gears inside, skeleton watches have gaps within their faces. The size and shape of the gap vary from style to style, allowing you to find one that strikes just the look you're going for. We have custom made skeleton watches in both wrist and pocket watch form.

Personalized Military Watches

if you're looking for the perfect gift to thank a brave veteran for their service, there are few better options than our customized military watches. Whether you choose one of our personalized camouflage watches or another military style, your appreciation is sure to be felt deeply. Whenever a soldier is away from home, they can look at the customized watch you designed for them and know that someone special is awaiting their return.

Customizable Nautical Watches

Any sailor, whether they be a naval officer or a civilian, will surely have a special place in their heart for our custom made nautical watches. Personalized with your recipient's name, these watches have an attractive anchor design engraved into the back surface of the case. Surrounding the anchor is engraved text reading, "Oh Captain, My Captain At Home And On The Sea".

Custom Engraved Sport Watches

Looking to buy something special for an athlete or just somebody who likes a sporty look and feel? If so, our recommendation is to gift them with one of our personalized sport watches. These fun unisex watches are engraved with your personalized text on the back of the case. They have stylish and sturdy matte black polyurethane bands and are water-resistant up to 100 feet (30.48 meters). As such, they're a great fit for swimmers and those who enjoy being out on the water.

Custom Engraved Watches - Materials

Are you curious to know about the materials that go into making our unique customizable watches? If so, you're in luck. The four following paragraphs are all about what our watches are made from.

Personalized Wooden Watches

For a look that hits on both rustic and contemporary notes, there are few better choices than our customizable engraved wooden watches. Made from sustainably harvested and eco-friendly wood products, these handsome watches make for beloved personalized gifts. We have an assortment of custom made wooden wristwatches as well as personalized wooden pocket watches.

Personalized Engraved Stainless Steel Watches

Among some of our most popular items are our custom made stainless steel gift watches. These are made from a tough and durable material that takes engraving extremely well. When properly cared for, it will remain shiny and attractive for a very long time to come. Stainless steel is most often found in our pocket watches.

Custom Made Bronze Watches

For an attractive luxury timepiece that will be loved for a lifetime, there are few better ways to go than with our bronze watches with custom engraving. These stately and attractive pocket watches are made from real bronze and have a warm color that goes well with nearly any outfit. Our personalized engraved bronze pocket watches come with a 14 inch chain and an attachment clip for secure use and convenience. Their cases can open and close to protect and reveal the face whenever desired.

Customized Leather Watches

We carry several personalized leather watches for both men and women. Their genuine leather wristbands are comfortable and stylish. They can be found in both black and brown for a classic and distinguished look.

Custom Made Watch Gifts

When you want personalized gift watches for every recipient and every occasion, you want to shop at ForAllGifts. We offer customized engravable watches and watch accessories for men, women, fathers, sons, graduates, retirees, people celebrating birthdays, and more. This section will describe some of these occasion/recipient based watch gifts in more detail.

Personalized Watch Boxes

Some of our most popular watch accessories can be found in the form of our custom engraved watch cases. These engraved wooden watch boxes can hold multiple watches and have separate compartments and protective pillows for each. They have removable lids with glass viewing windows, which allow users to see their watches when the box is closed. These watch boxes can be customized with monograms, names, and more.

Customized Wedding Watch Gifts

If you're looking for a special gift to offer to everyone in your wedding party, look no further. Our custom engravable watches for groomsmen are the perfect gift items for showing how much you appreciate the presence of your friends on your big day. They're engraved with your recipient's name as well as the role that they played in the wedding. Therefore, groomsmen, the best man, the father of the bride, and the actual groom can all have their own unique watches to keep memories of the special day alive.

Personalized Watches for Retirement

Retirement is one of the biggest milestones a person experiences in life. You can congratulate a valuable employee, hard-working spouse or friend, or parent who has provided for you by way of one of our custom retirement gift watches. Each with your recipient's name, date of retirement, and the number of years worked. Our retirement watches are mechanical and therefore do not need batteries.

Custom Engraved Father's Day Watches

When Father's Day rolls around, it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect gift. We make this undertaking easier by providing the best personalized watches for Dad. While many of our watches can be used as Father's Day gifts, we have some that are designed specifically for the occasion. They're personalized with custom text that provides a special message to the lucky father from his beloved family.

Custom Made Anniversary Gift Watches

If you're looking for personalized couple's watches, we suggest taking a look at our engravable anniversary watches. While these custom watches for men aren't of the his-and-hers variety, they do make a great gift for a husband. Each is engraved on the back with a special anniversary message as well as the number of years it's been since the couple tied the knot.

Design Your Own Personalized Engraved Watches

A customizable watch is always a great idea. However, it's important to put some emphasis on the word "customizable". This is because when you buy watches from ForAllGifts, you're given the chance to add a little something special to personalize the watch to your specific recipient. It's an ideal way to go that extra mile to show how much thought went into your gift and just how much you care about your recipient.

Custom Engravable Watches

There are many personalized engravable watches available on our site. The example linked to is one of our pocket watches, but we also offer several wristwatches and sport watches with custom engraving. These items have your personalized text laser engraved into their surfaces for a beautiful mark that will stand the test of time. Pun semi-intended.

Personalized Watches with Initials

Monogram gifts are a classic way to recognize someone special on their birthday, when celebrating a milestone, or just as a token of your regard. You'll find plenty of custom monogrammed watches on this page, all of which are sure to delight your recipient. These are the kind of personalized gifts that are treasured for a lifetime and often go on to become family heirlooms.

Best Custom Watches for Gifts - FAQ

There are a lot of details when it comes to our custom watch gifts. Some may be a bit confusing or at the very least unfamiliar to people who don't work with watches for a living. That's why we're including the following list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding our personalized gift watches.

What is the bezel on a Watch?
If you're unfamiliar with the word "bezel", we'll explain it for you. The bezel of on a watch is the round ring that secures the top glass frame to the body. If forms a round circle around the face and sides of the watch, though some watches also have interior bezels that extend upward from the face. Some fall into the category of tachymeter bezels, which have a set of numbers around the exterior portion. These can be used to measure time, distance, and speed. This is explained a bit further earlier on this page in the section about chronograph watches.
What are mechanical watches & automatic watches?
Among our watch descriptions, you may see terms such as "automatic", "mechanical", "quartz", and "battery powered". We'll clear up those terms now. A mechanical watch is one that is powered purely by its interior components. With this style, no battery is needed. They just need to be wound to keep going. An automatic watch is a mechanical watch built with a special rotor. This rotor makes it possible for the watch to be powered by the movement of the person wearing it, almost completely eliminating the need for winding. Quartz and battery powered are two terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. This is because the batteries inside of these watches contain electronic circuits that stimulates a small quartz crystal. The crystal vibrates with amazing speed (over 32,000 times per second) to create a pulsed once-per-second movement of the second hand. Quartz watches have hands that move with a brisk tick, while the hands in mechanical watches move in a smooth, continuous manner.
What kinds of wood are your watches made from?
You'll find several wood varieties in our engravable wooden watches. All are of high quality and are sustainably sourced. We carry personalized bamboo watches, several customized zebrawood watches, custom engraved ebony gift watches, and more.
Where can I get a watch engraved?
You can get your personalized watches engraved right here at ForAllGifts. We offer watches that can be engraved in many different styles and patterns to match specific recipients, gifting occasions, and personal tastes.
Who can I buy a watch for?
Our personalized watches make great gifts for virtually anyone old enough to tell time. They can be used to recognize a milestone or significant achievement of a professional, to tell a spouse to keep safe while sailing, to congratulate a grad as a send-off onto a new adventure, and much more. Our personalized watches are of the highest quality and offer excellent accuracy. A selection of features such as water resistance for confidence out on the water, rotating bezels for keeping track of time, padded leather straps for comfortable wear, and stainless-steel bracelets for durability are all available. A personalized watch is a gift that will be well used, and your special and thoughtful touch will be never be forgotten.