Personalized Home & Address Plaques

Custom Made Home & Address Plaques

Put that extra special stamp on your home with one of our customized house plaques! Make a bold statement that stands out with our variety of personizable plaques. Makes your house feel more like your own and will make someone else feel a true ownership of their home. Who wouldn't want their legacy on their home for everyone to see? Customize your own today!

Home isn't home without one of these beautiful Home & Address Plaques. Whether you are looking to spice up your home to impress guests when they come over for those Saturday barbecues or you are searching for that gift for your sister's new house, these home & address plaques are the thing you are looking for. ForAllGifts has the largest variety of finishes to match all the possible home decor you could possibly imagine. Made in aluminum, these plaques can withstand any weather condition making them durable so they last for years to come. Surprise your sister and show her how much you care with the Cardinal Date Established Family Personalized House Plaque in the classic antique brass finish. Not only will she use it for years to come, but she will remember you. 

You can place these classic home & address plaques outside on your garage or lawn. You can also place them indoors to impress all of your guests no matter what time of the day it is. Personalize them with your name, address, and even the date you established your home. These plaques make the perfect gift for every occasion and add that special touch with the personalization feature. Show them how much you care for years with these timeless home & address plaques. ForAllGifts cares about you and your satisfaction. Make this a gift and occasion they could never forget.

Custom Made Home Address Plaques - Frequently Asked Questions

What are your most popular plaques to customize?
Plaques make extremely popular anniversary gifts as well as gifts for housewarming parties and the holidays. A few of our most popular plaques to customize include the Woods Large Oval Personalized Slate Plaque, the Family Tree Personalized House Plaque, and the Personalized Wedding Anniversary House Plaque.
What types of address plaques and house signs are available?
ForAllGifts makes it easy to find a personalized plaque to make your address & home stand out. Welcome plaques are nice to add to a front door or at the entrance to your driveway. House number plaques are ideal for hanging on the exterior of the house, near the mailbox, or even installing by the curb. Garage plaques designate a beloved garage or man cave, and pub or bar plaques are a nice personalized touch for a bar area.
What kind of features and personalizations can I add?
Plaques can feature several different personalization features, depending on how they will be used. A few examples of how a plaque can be personalized include adding:
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Established or Special Date
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Specific Room Locations (e.g. garage, bedroom, office)
Will the plaque's color fade with time?
All plaques can have their own levels of durability when it comes to exposure to the elements. A plaque placed in direct sunlight may indeed fade after several years of use. However, materials such as slate and metal are less likely to fade than plaques that are made from plastic.
What sizes do your plaques come in?
We offer customizable plaques in many different shapes and sizes. Some are large while others are small, with others falling in between. For example, the Personalized Hanging Garage Plaque with a Bracket is 14.06 inches long by 13.6 inches wide. By contrast, the Custom Claddagh Poem Plaque is 10.75 inches long and 12.25 inches wide. Be sure to read the full description of each plaque to find a size that works for your needs.