Personalized Medical Alert Buttons

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Medical alert buttons are an easy way to share important medical information with those around you quickly and easily. Our Medical ID Button protects you while traveling, makes medical information prominent in an emergency, and offers pertinent information you need to communicate. Share your vaccination status with our range of COVID-19 vaccination buttons or personalized vaccine stickers. Protect a child or adult with a severe allergy with our custom allergy alert buttons. Our personalized medical alert buttons promote medical awareness, increase personal protection, and could be a life-saving accessory!

Show You’re Protected with Personalized “I Got Vaccinated” Buttons

With more and more regulations creeping up, being able to provide proof of vaccination is becoming very important. From visiting loved ones to gaining access to medical facilities and other establishments, vaccination status is certainly having a growing impact on day-to-day living. For this reason, we offer several unique vaccination items. Pick up personalized “I Got Vaccinated” stickers or buttons to hand out at your healthcare clinic or stock up on custom buttons to add to your work bag or backpack. These small tokens make it easy to identify yourself as having been vaccinated, helping to make life a bit easier.

Keep Others Informed of Allergies

A school cafeteria can be a scary place for kids with allergies. This is especially true when fellow students are unaware that the food they’re eating can be harmful to someone nearby! That’s why custom medical buttons make such great personalized gifts for kids. Noting the type of allergy and whether the child carries an EpiPen is an effective way to help them feel safer and to ensure that people around them take the proper precautions.

Personalized Medical ID Jewelry Can Make All the Difference

Whether you are sharing your vaccination status, food allergies, or a specific medical condition people need to know about, personalized medical jewelry can be very useful. Just like our personalized medical alert bracelets, these items can also make great gifts for friends, family members, and other loved ones. Personalized gifts such as medical ID bracelets look stylish while communicating information that could be crucial in an emergency. For example, those with diabetes may want to wear a necklace that notes their condition in case they ever become unresponsive in public. Take a look at our entire collection of customized medical alert buttons and personalized gifts to find just what you need!