Personalized Memorial Gifts for Loved Ones

Personalized Engraved Memorial Gifts

Nobody ever wants to shop for custom bereavement gifts. Still, the loss of a loved one is hard and any measure we can take to provide comfort is more than worth the effort. Our custom COVID memorial buttons, elegant personalized memorial crystal keepsakes, beautiful engraved pet cremation urns, touching customized photo remembrance gifts, and personalized bereavement necklaces all make great gifts for those in mourning. Many of our memorial gifts also seek to keep alive fond memories of your own loved ones who have left this world.

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Loss can strike at any time. It's always hard to know quite what to do for or say when someone you care about is grieving. Giving them a personalized sympathy gift to immortalize their recently passed loved one, whether it is a grandfather, army veteran, or a family pet, will help them remember the good times and keep special memories close. From necklaces and photo jewelry to plaques and ornaments, ForAllGifts is here for you. We'll help provide personal and comforting customized gifts that will forever serve as tributes to lost loved ones. Many of our personalized remembrance items can be purchased as gifts for yourself. They will help to keep memories of the dearly departed in your life warm, strong, and always alive in your heart.

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Custom Sympathy Gift Ideas & Personalized Memorial Gift Ideas Customized Memorial Gifts & Personalized Bereavement Gifts - FAQ

Custom Sympathy Gift Ideas & Personalized Memorial Gift Ideas

You'll find many different kinds of personalized memorial gifts and custom engraved sympathy gifts on our site. In this guide, we'll summarize some of our most prominent and popular categories. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to provide the best custom made funeral gifts, sympathy gifts, and remembrance gifts to comfort those who are mourning and to honor your own loved ones.

Personalized 3D Memorial Crystal Gifts

We'll start out by saying a little something about our custom 3D crystal memorial gifts. These gorgeous and sophisticated items are carved into custom shapes for a memorial item that is impossible to ignore. Each is engraved with your chosen photograph and custom text. The photos take on a 3-dimensional appearance when added to the crystals, adding depth and beauty that will make a grand tribute to anyone. Many shapes, sizes, and styles are available.

Personalized Engraved Memorial Jewelry Gifts

Losing a loved one is always hard, and it makes every memory so much more precious and meaningful. Our personalized memorial jewelry will help you hold on to the memories you have with the deceased and to honor them in a way you never thought possible. It's hard to know exactly how to memorialize someone that was so close to your heart (or to the heart of a grieving person you seek to comfort). However, with our selection of memorial jewelry, you can have a constant reminder of the lasting impact they had on everyone's life. In fact, if your loved one didn't have a traditional burial, you might be interested in our cremation jewelry which would allow you to keep a piece of them with you at all times. With a customized cremation necklace, or personalized engraved memorial urn necklace, you can lay the urn pendant directly over your heart and feel every bit of the love that they gave you throughout their life. If you prefer something than can always been seen, our personalized urn bracelet will be a better fit.

Of course, cremation pendants are not an option for everyone going through a period of loss, which is why we also have our bereavement gifts for those looking for a more traditional way to memorialize the deceased. Specifically, our bereavement jewelry features everything from custom memorial necklaces, such as the Custom Engraved Heart Picture Pendant, to personalized memorial bracelets, to pet memorial gifts including necklaces & more. Losing a loved one is never easy, but these personalized memorial gifts are certainly a good step towards mending any wounded heart.

Custom Memorial Snow Globes

If a deceased loved one was fond of skiing, winter weather, had a favorite vacation spot in a chilly area, or happened to enjoy arts & crafts, our personalized remembrance gift snow globes are a perfect fit. These can be customized to include a special memorial message for a beautiful and extra personal sympathy gift.

Custom Made Religious Bereavement Gifts

To those with a deeply rooted religious faith, or for the dearly departed who greatly valued their relationship with God, customizable religious memorial gifts make an ideal gift. We offer such items as personalized memorial wall crosses and custom memorial bibles to help people of faith draw strength and take solace upon the loss of a loved one.

Personalized Cremation Urn Gifts

For many people and animals, cremation is a step that is taken shortly after passing away. In such cases, our custom made urn gifts can make wonderful tributes. We offer both custom engraved cremation urns and personalized cedar box urns which can be used to contain the ashes of a beloved family member. In addition, we stock customizable engraved urns for pets. These ensure that non-human family members are covered and given a dignified memorial as well.

Customizable Pet Remembrance Gifts

As we've already mentioned a few times, pets are beloved family members in their own right. The loss of a pet can be an absolutely devastating experience. For this reason, ForAllGifts offers a wide range of personalized memorial pet gifts. We have special urn and jewelry items that are specific to pets, but many of our other items such as crystal towers and photo gifts can be personalized to honor the memory of a beloved dog, cat, or other pet.

Unique Engraved Memorial Plaque Keepsakes

If you'd to invest in a customizable sympathy gift that will always be cherished and admired, our personalized engraved remembrance plaques are an excellent choice. These somber yet stoic & beautiful memorial gifts will do an admirable job in showing one's love, appreciation, and undying love for the deceased.

Personalized Memorial Ornament Gifts

Oftentimes, special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations are never quite the same after the loss of a loved one. Sadly, there's little that can be done to change this. On the positive side, you can keep your special someone included in your holiday celebrations, even if they can no longer be there in person. Our custom engraved memorial ornaments can be added to a tree, holiday decoration display, or any other location in which they can serve as a reminder that although a loved one has passed on, they're still alive in everyone's hearts.

Personalized Memorial Gifts with Photos

It's often stated that a picture is worth 1,000 words. You can have both pictures AND words to honor and memorialize a lost loved one when you purchase one of our custom engraved memorial picture frames or personalized memorial photo keepsakes. These items can hold photographs of your loved one or even be engraved with them. Special personalized text can be added for an extra meaningful gift.

Custom Made In Memory Lanterns

Night can often be an especially difficult time when grieving. When the work day is done and there are fewer distractions for keeping busy, a heavy heart may often droop further with grief. Our personalized memorial lanterns seek to help with this. They literally add light to the life of those left behind, helping them to fondly remember the warmth and joy that their friend or family member provided while still living. They can also make beautiful outdoor decorations. Such items provide a symbol of your everlasting love, showing that it is not limited to the days when one walks the Earth.

Customizable Lawn & Garden Sympathy Gifts

Some of our personalized bereavement gifts are best displayed outdoors or within balcony or rooftop gardens. This is the case with items such as our personalized memorial planter gifts, gorgeous custom engraved memorial wind chimes, and customized remembrance garden flags. Such gifts can beautify a yard or garden space while providing visual, auditory, and olfactory stimuli to help honor and remember those who are no longer with us. They're an especially good choice for honoring the memory of people who loved to spend time outdoors, were avid gardeners, or who had a special love of plants and flowers.

Personalized Funeral Gifts

If you're looking for a more immediate gift to provide to the bereaved, our customizable funeral gifts are a sound idea. We offer an assortment of these items, which include, but are not limited to customized funeral guest books and personalized memorial keepsake boxes. These items can be used at memorial services to view all who turned out to pay their respects, as well as for holding and displaying special personal items during the ceremony.

Customized Memorial Gifts & Personalized Bereavement Gifts - FAQ

At this point, we'd like to quickly address some of the most frequently asked questions we hear in regard to our customized memorial gifts. We'll provided concise yet helpful answers to each. If you still have questions after reading them, feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Who can I buy memorial gifts for?
At ForAllGifts, you can purchase memorial gifts for yourself or for any friend, family member, colleague, or loved one who is in mourning. We have customized sympathy gifts for the loss of a father, mother, child, grandparent, pet, friend, and much more.
Do you have memorial gifts with pictures?
Yes. We offer many different types of personalized photo memorial gifts. Adding an image of the person or pet who you seek to memorialize certainly makes for a more powerful remembrance item. You or your recipient will still be able to see the faces of those who are no longer here each and every day. Custom memorial gifts with pictures are a wonderful way to provide comfort to those who mourn by giving them a visual reminder of their loved ones whenever they need it most.
When should I buy a bereavement gift?
Buying a bereavement gift is always a kind and appreciated gesture when someone you know has experienced a loss. Whether that loss be of a family member (human or pet), friend, or anyone else who was important to them, comfort from others will be key in getting through the hard times. We have custom made funeral gifts, urns, jewelry, memorial boxes, decorations, and more to gift to those who grieve. However, consider your recipient and their personal characteristics before buying a gift. If you find out about the passing of their loved one second hand and they seem to wish to grieve in privacy, a memorial gift might not (at least immediately) be a good idea. Despite this, the vast majority of people will love the support and consideration shown via your gift when going through their most challenging times.
Do you have personalized sympathy gifts for the loss of a pet?
At ForAllGifts, we believe that pets are people too. They fill our hearts with love and joy and are definitely members of the family. The loss of a faithful furry companion can hit many people just as hard as the death of a human family member. That's why we offer several different pet memorial gifts. Jewelry, urns, boxes, pet photo remembrance gifts, and more are available among our collection of custom bereavement gifts.