Personalized Memorial Urns and Keepsakes

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Our customized memorial urns are a beautiful way to safely preserve the ashes of a loved one or adored pet and create a special memorial keepsake or personalized remembrance gift. Finding an urn as individual as they are can be a challenge, (at ForAllGifts) we have worked hard to source a wide array of unique memorial urns for you to choose from and personalize. Our miniature custom urns are a great choice that can be displayed almost anywhere and personalized on the top and bottom. Consider an engraved urn pendant, allowing you to carry them with you always. Honor a person or pet that is no longer with you by creating the perfect engraved memorial urn and remember them forever!

Honoring the life of a loved one allows us to hold them close even when they have passed. Memorial keepsakes or personalized urns are an excellent way to commemorate the life of a loved one and cherish the memories they leave behind. Whether you are looking to honor a cherished pet or a loved one, we offer an extensive collection of custom urns, memorial keepsakes, and more.

Custom Memorial Urn FAQs

What is the difference between a keepsake and an urn?
Urns are specifically designed to house the cremated remains of your loved one. By contrast, keepsakes are typically personalized memorial gifts for loved ones, such as something like the personalized black bar memorial urn pendant.
How big should an urn be for a human?
The general urn is just over 200 cubic inches or one cubic inch per pound of body weight. For example, the It Sure Is Dark In Here personalized dark blue large cremation urn is 200 cubic inches. However, the size you need for cremains can range depending on a few different factors. Custom urns for ashes come in different styles and sizes, and some people prefer to split up ash remains into smaller portions. The personalized silver teardrop memorial urn pendant is a good example of a keepsake-style urn that is designed to only hold a small amount of ashes.