Custom Engraved Multi-Tools

Engraved Multi-Tools
What do you do when you need a screwdriver or knife? Why, you SHOULD turn to your handy dandy, personalized multi-tool! ForAllGifts has a wide variety to choose from!

Can you imagine having every important tool inside your pocket? That sounds like a product that should be in everyone's hands! To get an idea of how many tools are in one of our fantastic engraved multi-tools, picture a flashlight, a flat head screwdriver, a can opener and bottle opener, scissors, saw, knife, corkscrew, nail file, nail pick, toothpick, Phillips head screwdriver, and an awl all packed into a small handheld device!

Although some of our multi-tools come with a different combination of these tools, everything we offer is practical for almost any situation! With all of these tools it shows that a personalized multi-tool can be given to any woman or man who is always on the go. You can make sure your loved ones are prepared no matter what! 

ForAllGifts offers several designs such as our Wooden Engraved Multi-Tool or our Heritage Engraved Pocket Knife Multi-Tool. Whichever tool you choose, you will have the option to engrave a name to add your own personal touch! We even offer a Leatherman bracelet that is competitively priced while including a free engraving! This bracelet is truly the ultimate handyman’s tool for any occasion. Imagine his surprise when you present him this bracelet hiding 25 different tools and engraved with his name! We even offer hammers and tape measures, for the builders and tailors in your life. 

Girls in Girl Scouts and boys in Boy Scouts alike will love having a personalized pocketknife or multi-tool to practice their survival skills and learn about building and problem solving. Imagine how excited they will be to find their name engraved across the handle. These personalized pocket knives make a great gift for men and women alike, because who hasn’t ever said “if only I had the right tool…” Now you always will with a custom engraved multi-tool! Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Father's Day make great occasions to give these to friends and family. Even weddings would be a great time to give your best man and groomsmen a personalized multi-tool to commemorate the event!

 At ForAllGifts, we strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. So, pick your custom tool, create your personalization, and leave it to us. We’ll make sure it comes out looking great!