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If you're looking for the best personalized Christian gifts, look no further than our custom made bibles. We offer a broad assortment, including custom family heirloom bibles, elegant embossed bibles, King James and New International Version bibles, children's bibles printed with names, and much more. Find the perfect gifts for baptisms and christenings, First Communion, confirmation, weddings, and more in our collection of personalized engraved and imprinted bibles.

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Looking for the perfect bible for your granddaughter as she takes her first communion? Want to give a special gift to the newlyweds? You can create the Ultimate Personalized Gift when you order one of our custom printed bibles. Wondering to get a bible engraved? You can do it right here at ForAllGifts! From family bibles to adorable kids bibles, we make it possible for you to provide the perfect customized gifts honor any milestone religious occasion.

Show support for spiritual friends family members while helping them to feel personally connected to scripture with a personalized King James version bible. Add a special message of encouragement and their name to make an unforgettable religious gift. You can also customize these bibles with a supportive engraved message to help comfort anyone grieving from a loss. Consider adding personalization such as names and move-in dates to make the perfect housewarming gift for any devout Christian in your life. It will be a great comfort when they wake up and see their custom engraved bible on their nightstand, helping them to receive inspiration and solace from the Lord’s word.

It can be hard to know the perfect gift for religious milestones, but you don’t need to worry with our wide selection of bibles geared towards different ages! You can select a customized bible for baptisms and christenings, personalized kids bibles for First Communion gifts, and custom imprinted bibles for confirmation. Personalized bibles make great custom gifts when you want to reconnect your kids to the true meaning of Christmas or educate your nieces and nephews on the special significance of Easter. Our personalized bibles make for custom gifts that are timeless and filled with invaluable life lessons and morals. Help your godson find his way with a bible with a special note or guide and inspire your goddaughter when you imprint her name on the cover of a bible in her favorite color.

Read on to learn more about the different types of personalized bibles & customized bible gifts available at ForAllGifts.

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Personalized Bibles for Kids

Custom Baby Keepsake Bibles

Custom Made Family Bibles

Personalized Bible Gifts for Adults

Customize Your Own Personalized Bibles

Personalized Bibles for Kids

Our custom children's bibles make perfect gifts for First Communion, confirmation, and any other special religious occasion or ceremony. We have several type of personalized bibles for kids, coming in many colors and styles. We also offer customized board books with religious themes for younger children.

Custom Printed Adventure Bibles

Our personalized adventure bibles for children are a big hit with youngsters and those who wish to celebrate them. These are bibles that are designed to appeal to children through containing bright and colorful pictures as well as text that is easy to read. They seek to explain people and events in the bible in a way that young people will comprehend, along with visual aids such as maps and more.

Personalized NIV Children's Bibles

NIV stands for "New International Version". This refers to a modern adaptation of the bible that seeks to relate scripture in a way that is easy to read and understand. We also have NIrV versions, with the lowercase r standing for "readers". NIrV style bibles are written so as to be easier for children and non-native English speakers to understand as they learn to become fluent in reading and writing. Our custom printed & engraved bibles for kids are typically written in this style, creating a less confusing experience for young readers.

Custom Christian Board Books

For younger children who enjoy being read to, we have a great selection of personalized Christian board books. Featuring thick, easy to turn pages with beautifully animated graphics, these gifts make for wonderful bedtime reading. We have personalized Christmas board books that seek to help children keep the "Christ" in Christmas. We offer custom bible story board books which teach the most important parts of God's words in a visually appealing and youth-friendly fashion.

Custom Baby Keepsake Bibles

If you're looking for top-notch personalized bible gifts for baptism and christening, we strongly suggest you consider our custom made bibles for babies and toddlers. In addition to making terrific gifts for newborns & religious ceremonies, these cute and heartwarming bibles can make wonderful presents for baby's first Christmas. They're sure to be a gift that any child will treasure throughout their entire life.

Custom Made Family Bibles

If your family (or one that you're gifting) happens to be one of great faith, it follows that our custom printed family bibles will be very much loved and appreciated. Our personalized family bibles can be made special for your recipient by way of customized text on the cover. Adding names, monograms, dates, and special messages are just a few ways to go. On the inside, each contains a family tree that your recipient can fill out with their beloved family members. Several pages are included to record significant personal and family events, allowing these to become custom family legacy bibles if desired.

Personalized Bible Gifts for Adults

Our custom Christian and bible gifts aren't just for tots and tykes. We also have inspiring, reassuring, and educational bible gifts for adults. Over the course of the next three paragraphs, we'll explain a bit about the different offerings in the area, consisting of custom made leather bibles, custom King James Version bibles, personalized wedding gift bibles, and more.

Custom Leather Bound Bibles

Our personalized leather bound bibles are beautiful both inside and out, literally and figuratively. Made from genuine leather and embossed with names, dates, initials, and custom messages, these are high end bible gifts that will quickly become recipients' prized possessions. People of faith will proudly display these bibles on their bookshelves, end tables, nightstands, and other places of prominence where they'll be available whenever needed. Ribbon markers, gild-edged pages, and presentation pages are just a few of their many exemplary features.

Personalized KJV Bibles

KJV, when used in reference to the bible, stands for "King James Version". This version of the bible differs from the NIV in that it is an older, classical version that is a more literal, word-for-word translation of scripture. (Here's a helpful link to explain the differences between King James and New International Version bibles (opens in a new window).) We offer standard and large print customized King James bibles that are a great fit for adults who have a true understanding of scripture and wish to remain as close to the genuine article as possible.

Personalized Bibles for Him & Personalized Bibles for Her

You don't have to decide between custom bibles for him and custom bibles for her when you gift a lucky couple with our customized wedding bibles. Though the item linked to is officially named the Bride's Bible, it is more than appropriate as a gift for both husband and wife on their special day. Each one can sport a personalized cover, displaying text such as the names of the married couple and the date on which they tied the knot. A presentation page is also included to write in a special gift message by hand.

Customize Your Own Personalized Bibles

One of the best features of our personalized bibles is, well... personalization. This property allows you to take an already deeply meaningful gift and make it even more special and personally connected to your lucky recipient. Our bible gifts offer varying numbers of text lines, with some models including up to 8 lines of customizable text on the cover. Creating custom monogrammed bibles, personalized bibles engraved with names and dates, colorful custom made bibles, and several other unique options is easy as pie with our customization tools. If you have any questions at all, just give us a call, email, or live chat message and our team of professional artists and product experts will be happy to assist you in designing the perfect gift!