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Ornaments are not just for a Christmas tree! Yes, they make dazzling and sentimental statements on a tree, but they can be hung in a window, on a wall or made into a mobile if you are the crafty type. Personalize your custom made holiday ornaments out of one of our many materials and styles with a special photo, date, message, or name of a loved one. There are many varieties to choose from, including personalized picture ornaments, stunning crystal ornament keepsakes, attractive personalized Christmas ornaments with names, sentimental custom memorial ornaments, and many other types of customizable Christmas gift ornaments. ForAllGifts puts the creativity in your hands and executes your vision with careful precision to make the perfect gift or home decor addition. Customize your ornament today!

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ForAllGifts is where to buy the best personalized ornaments for Christmas gifts, other holidays, or a special gift any time of the year. No matter if the occasion is a wedding or Christmas, our wide selection of shapes and materials makes it easy to find the right style to make it that perfect gift. Remember a loved one with a glass suncatcher memorial ornament, which will look wonderful hanging in the window. Read on to learn more about the many varieties of customized ornaments we have to offer.

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Different Styles of Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Customized Christmas Ornaments as Gifts

Custom Shaped Christmas Ornaments

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Different Styles of Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Consider creating a sentiment for Mom or keep your kind words forever in view for a grandparent or child. Our personalized photo Christmas ornaments make amazing gifts for Grandma. Our Baby's First Christmas ornaments will definitely help any proud parents to celebrate their new bundle of joy! When that baby grows up, this will be their first ornament to put on their own tree. Engraved ornaments are gifts that are enjoyed by all and kept around for years to come. Every time they pull those engraved Christmas ornaments out with that special message on it, they will remember the time you gave it to them.

Custom ornaments are not only a great idea for hanging on a tree, but they can also transform a gift tag into a keepsake or year-round decoration. Choose a star shape not only for holidays but also for recognizing performing arts achievements. For a natural look, choose a rustic wood style, or for a shine that will sparkle brightly on the tree, select one of our silver-plated shapes. Add a graphic to personalize your gift to match the event or interests of the recipient even more. See them smile when they know how much thought you put into creating a custom Christmas ornament designed especially for them! The next 10 paragraphs will outline some of our most popular styles in more detail.

Customizable Photo Ornaments

Our personalized photo ornaments are a great way to add meaning to any Christmas tree or holiday display. They're a great gift idea for family members who might not be able to see each other during the holidays. We have custom photo ornaments in many shapes, styles, and sizes. Each is personalized with a special message, holiday greeting, or with names. Click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to see our full assortment.

Personalized Picture Frame Ornaments

If you like the idea of gifting friends, family members, and other loved ones with something that will remind them of how much you care all the year through, we suggest our custom made picture frame ornaments. Each includes a beautiful frame with a non-tarnish finish along with a hanging ribbon for displaying in any number of locations. Of course, they're given the extra personal touch via being engraved with your message and chosen names.

Personalized Memorial Ornaments

The holiday season can be one of the hardest times of the year when grieving over the loss of a loved one. You can honor their memory and keep them in your hearts and in your holiday traditions by recognizing them with our customized memorial ornament gifts. They make a beautiful tribute to those you've loved & lost and a great gift idea for anyone who might be missing someone special this Christmas. We have versions that memorialize both human and furry family members.

Custom Religious Ornament Gifts

For many people, religious customs and observances are the most important part of the holiday season. If this happens to apply to you or anyone on your gifting list, we suggest taking a look at our personalized Christmas ornaments and personalized Hanukkah ornaments. They're festive and beautiful while still helping to keep the focus on the spiritual side of things.

Personalized Wooden Christmas Ornaments

For those who like a rustic, handcrafted look, there are few better personalized gift ideas than our custom wooden ornaments. Expertly crafted and personalized with names, messages, and more, these ornaments come in many forms. We have maple, birch, cherry, and even custom made bamboo Christmas ornaments.

Custom Glass Ornaments

Our personalized etched glass holiday ornaments are surely a sight to behold. Coming in many shapes and sizes, these are transparent ornaments that make for a icy type of look while serving to celebrate several different occasions and recipients. Each is carefully and perfectly etched to provide just the look and message you're hoping for.

Personalized 3D Crystal Keepsake Ornaments

The popularity of 3D crystal keepsakes, particularly those including pictures, is steadily on the rise. We offer a variety of custom made 3D crystal photo ornaments that are of the highest quality and guaranteed to be around to remain a part of your holiday traditions for years to come. Include a photo when ordering and your image will be engraved into the ornament for a three-dimensional image that everyone will surely love.

Custom Engraved Metal Holiday Ornaments

When you want a sturdy ornament with that's customized for you or your recipient, there are few better options than our metal ornament gifts. We have personalized stainless steel ornaments (some with silver plating), custom pewter ornaments, aluminum holiday ornaments, and more. With both glossy and matte surfaces, there are many different looks these ornaments can pull off.

Unique Slate Ornaments Customized

A new style of ornament that is rapidly rising in popularity can be found in our personalized slate Christmas ornaments. Engraved with names, paw prints, footprints, and more, these are creative and artsy items that will look great on any Christmas tree or hanging in any window. Their dark color can create some contrast with neighboring decorations to make them stand out in a way that can't be ignored.

Ornaments Personalized with Names

If you're looking to treat a special someone or possibly to give a child their own spot on the Christmas tree, our custom name ornaments are a great way to go. This can be taken further by adding a name or names to our ornament gifts with personalized messages. The latter can be used to celebrate holidays, home purchases, weddings, engagements, new births, and more.

Customized Christmas Ornaments as Gifts

While many of our custom ornaments can be purchased for your own decorative purposes (and why shouldn't you spoil yourself a little?), others function best when given as gifts. Whether you're aiming to show your love for a parent, grandparent, child, couple, entire family, pet, or anyone in between, we have you covered. We'll point out of a few of the recipients you can delight over the course of the next seven paragraphs.

Personalized Couples Ornaments

We have many customized couples ornaments to celebrate the love you have for your recipients as well as the love they have for each other. These fall into several different categories and styles. ForAllGifts is where to buy the best personalized engagement ornaments, beautiful custom made wedding ornaments, ornaments celebrating a couple's first Christmas in a new home, and much more.

Custom Family Christmas Ornaments

Our personalized Christmas ornaments for families can serve as gifts both to and from a family. You can share a portrait of your beloved family with loved ones in a form of a festive holiday ornament to let them know they're in all your hearts. Alternatively, if there's a particular family that you hold dear, you can surprise them this Christmas with an ornament featuring your favorite picture of them, all together. Add in a personal message for a truly unforgettable gift. Of course, any family can also use this as a gift they give to themselves!

Custom Made Ornaments for Babies & Toddlers

Christmas is a special time for the little ones, especially when they're experiencing it for the first time. Help celebrate this milestone by providing the new parents and babies/toddlers in your life with one of our personalized first Christmas ornaments or perhaps custom baby footprint ornament keepsakes. These are thoughtful and unique gifts that all recipients are sure to cherish for life.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Kids

The magic of the holiday season doesn't end with the passing of infancy. If anything, it grows. Children wait all year for the holidays to come along and for most of them, it's the best time of the year. Help the kids in your life have an especially happy holiday with some of our custom holiday ornaments for children. We have many personalized kids' ornaments in fun shapes and sizes, such as the reindeer ornament linked to in the previous sentence.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Pets

Pet owners know that their four-legged (and winged, scaly, or water-dwelling) friends are truly a part of the family. Treat your favorite faithful friend or the animal lovers on your shopping list to our custom made ornaments for animals. These are the kind of gifts that show how much you truly care and value the special bond between humans and pets.

Customizable Christmas Ornaments for Teachers

Teachers work hard to help children all year long. It seems only proper to remember them when engaging in holiday shopping. You can recognize their efforts and show your appreciation for all that they do with our personalized teacher gift ornaments. Multiple styles are available, so you can cater directly to the tastes of the teachers you know and love.

Customized Holiday Ornaments for Grandparents

For many, Christmas, Hanukkah, and any other holiday just wouldn't be the same without Grandma and Grandpa. Grandparents with cherished grandchildren will surely want to be a part of the holiday fun and festivities. Whether they can be there in person or if things have to be done from a bit of a distance, you can make their holiday a bright one with our personalized grandparent Christmas ornaments. After all, each Christmas gives grandparents a chance to relive the special holiday memories they created when you were just a child.

Custom Shaped Christmas Ornaments

At ForAllGifts, you can find a variety of personalized Christmas ornaments in unique and traditional shapes. The following list points out just a few of the many options we carry.

How to Personalize a Christmas Ornament

If you're hoping to create personalized Christmas ornaments, we're here to help. There are multiple methods for adding names, messages, and other special greetings and symbols to our ornament gifts. We'll explain a few of them in the following trio of paragraphs. Remember, when making an order, click the "Personalize Now!" button to apply your uniquely designed touch to your ornament gifts.

Custom Engraved Ornaments

Many of our offerings consist of personalized engraved Christmas ornaments. These holiday gift items have names, graphics, shapes, messages, numbers, and more skillfully cut into their surfaces, typically by way of laser technology. Engraved personalization stands the test of time, as it creates designs that won't fade, peel, crack, or otherwise deteriorate with the passage of time. These ornaments will survive through the generations, looking every bit as good decade from now as when making their holiday debuts.

Personalized Etched Christmas Ornaments

Another decoration style can be found in our custom etched ornaments for holiday gifts. This method is typically employed on our glass ornaments. It's a more delicate process designed to create deeply crafted designs that will hold up over time without damaging the integrity of their glass backdrops. Etching can take a bit longer than engraving, but pays off in beautiful, intricate designs that will be admired for years to come.

Personalized Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

The last method for creating personalized Christmas ornaments that we'll touch upon here is hand painting. Our custom hand painted ornament gifts are expertly crafted and produced by our talented artists, creating a mark of personalization which is truly unique. This is a style to go with when looking for an old-fashioned, quaint touch that goes the extra mile in truly recognizing each individual recipient.