Personalized Wooden Invitations

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Whether going for a look that's modern, rustic, or simply elegant, our personalized wooden invitations blow traditional cards out of the water. We offer a variety of sophisticated wooden wedding invitations, beautiful laser carved floral wooden wedding invitations, cheerful wooden Easter birthday party invitations (& for Easter brunch and/or Egg Hunts), attractive stained rustic maple wooden wedding announcement cards, and much more.

Religious & Spiritual Wedding Invitations | Sophisticated Wooden Invitations for Showers


Our personalized carved wooden invitations are an excellent substitute for traditional, run-of-the-mill cards. While greeting cards are certainly popular and highly desired items, our personalized wooden invitations take a new and innovative approach. Rather than being cast away when the events they announce are over, these keepsakes will stick around for the long haul, certain to become treasured family heirlooms. Bear in mind that they're priced such that the larger your order size is, the greater the value provided will be. Special discounts are provided for multiple orders, so feel free to ask away if you have any questions, even after reading this guide.


Personalized Laser Cut Wooden Invitations Guide




What Are Our Personalized Wooden Invitations?


Our personalized wooden invitations are beautifully laser engraved keepsake items that keep the memories of special events alive forever. They serve many different purposes. They can function as personalized wooden Easter brunch invitations, quaint & rustic invitations, unique engagement announcement cards, customized wooden bridal shower invitations, carved wooden wedding invitations and so much more.

Each personalized gift & invitation comes with envelopes included and can be shipped with a single first-class postage stamp. They're solid enough to safely make it through the mail yet light enough to be easy for anyone to carry around. They're also engraved with text including names, event details, RSVP information, and more. If you're curious as to whether these personalized keepsake gifts are right for your special event (or for the big days of those for whom you're buying them), just give us a call and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Laser Engraved Wooden Easter Invitation Cards


If you're having an Easter celebration and want to spread the word in a way that won't be forgotten, we're here to help. Whether you're looking to send out personalized Easter brunch invitations, custom engraved wooden Easter birthday party invitations, or personalized Easter Egg Hunt wood invitation/announcement cards, we have you covered.

Personalized Engraved Wooden Keepsake Invitations


Our customizable wooden announcement cards are designed with the idea that they won't just be cast aside once the event is over or after the date is saved to a calendar. Our unique personalized wooden wedding invitations, customized wooden bridal shower invitations, and laser engraved wooded wedding reception invitation cards are designed to be kept and cherished throughout the years. They allow the most special moments of one's life to last forever, across multiple generations.

Religious Carved Wooden Invitations


Some of our offerings fall into the category of custom laser carved spiritual & religious wooden invitations. Faith is important to many people, and these specialty religious gifts allow that aspect to shine through, recognizing God's role in the sacred union of marriage.

Types of Wood Used in Our Sophisticated Engraved Wooden Invitations


We use a few different styles of wood when it comes to our personalized invitations & custom engraved announcement cards. The type of wood used is often a matter of personal taste, but there are some factors that make each kind unique. We'll detail that a bit in the next three paragraphs. Cherry, black stained maple, and red stained maple are available options on all our customizable wooden invitation cards.

Rustic Cherry Wooden Invitation Cards


Our personalized cherry wood invitations have a natural color that is a bit darker than the maple models which we'll discuss just a bit later on. Cherry is known for its rich, elegant look and is a popular choice for cabinets and home fixtures. It is a wood that ages well, meaning that this is an excellent choice when longevity is among your top concerns.

Black Maple Wooden Celebration & Wedding Invitations


Our unique black stained maple wedding invitations are tough and durable. They're an eco-friendly choice, as the trees from which this wood is derived are grown in high numbers and are harvested via sustainable methods. Having it stained can lend it the look of other wood types which aren't always as easily accessible or Earth-friendly.

Red Maple Carved Wooden Invitation Cards


Our elegant red stained maple wedding invitations are also made from eco-friendly materials. When stained, maple is able to take on the look of other woods such as mahogany, which are more costly to come by and not harvested in quite as environmentally sustainable of a fashion. They're a great choice for Valentine's Day gifts weddings, showers, and receptions.