Personalized Kids' Books with Names

Personalized Books For Kids | Custom Book Gifts for Children & Infants

Make a special child in your life feel extra loved and important by buying him or her a personalized children's book! Our customized kids' books contain subjects such as animals, trucks, religious themes, nighttime stories, and more. Many have your child's name worked right into the story, making an extra personalized gift that any boy or girl will treasure for a lifetime. ISeeMe books, children's bibles, nursery rhyme board books, and more are all part of the collection.

Personalized Story Books for Kids | Custom I See Me Children's Books with Names

If you're looking for the best custom gifts for kids and babies, our collection of personalized kids' books is the place to be. We have a wide variety of I See Me! personalized books for children & babies. These custom storybook gifts consist of board books that tell a sweet story while adding the name of your child right into the plot! They're a great way to make little ones feel special on birthdays, holidays, and all sorts of occasions. Our customizable book gifts for kids also include stories about animals, personalized nursery rhyme books, special bedtime story books, custom made religious books for children, and much more. Our personalized board books for children cover topics such as birthdays, counting one's blessings, the importance of love, and even silly subjects such as what a dog or cat might say if they could talk. 

All of our custom made books for children make excellent personalized gifts for children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends of the family, and more. Take a tour through all of the models on this page to find the perfect custom book gift for the special child in your life!