Personalized Medical Alert Jewelry

Personalized Medical Alert Jewelry
Keep your loved ones safe with engraved medical jewelry! You never know when a medical emergency may happen, so make sure you are always prepared with personalized medical alert jewelry to inform EMT personnel of any life threatening conditions. ForAllGifts wants to keep your loved ones safe, and medical alert jewelry might just save their life!
Medical history, allergies, diseases, and medications can all complicate treatment in a medical emergency. Make sure passers-by and emergency medical personnel are informed of any life-threatening conditions you or your loved may have with medical alert jewelry. Whether your grandmother has dementia and gets lost or your nephew has a diabetes, you can make sure they will always be properly taken care of by engraving their condition and the number to contact in case of emergency on a bracelet, dog tag, or pendant. 
Keep in mind when you are choosing what to engrave on your medical jewelry, less is more. Only put the most crucial information, be as concise as possible, and use acronyms and abbreviations where possible. Once of the most useful acronyms is “ICE” which stands for “In Case of Emergency” which saves you 17 characters! Keep as close to the character limit or under if possible and choose an easy to read font such as Gothic 4 Line or Century OS (you can request in order comments for the engravers to choose the font they think is most legible). The goal is to make the engraving as large and as easy to read as possible. Our engravers prioritize making the engraving legible and as big as possible. 
If your loved one has various issues or a long list of medications, make sure they keep a detailed list in their wallet and engrave on a bracelet or dog tag simply “Med List in Wallet.” That way if your loved one is found and unable to speak for themselves, medical personnel will easily be able to locate pertinent information. Dog tags are able to hold more information than pendants, so keep in mind the size of the item when ordering, if you have more information than a few words, pick a larger item. 
We offer a wide variety of bracelets, pendants, and dog tags so that you can find the ideal piece of medical alert jewelry for you. Always measure your wrist before ordering a bracelet and make sure the dimensions listed will make a comfortable fit for you. We offer a variety of bracelets so you can find a style, shape, and material that will best suit your purposes. We offer bangles, leather bands, and chain links for heavier duty, lighter wear, and even more stylish fashion so that your medical condition doesn’t interfere with your fashion sense or daily life by being too bulky! We even offer adorable princess, truck, and even a robot pendant for children that may have allergies or a health condition. They will love wearing their special friend that will help keep them safe in case of emergency. 
ForAllGifts thinks your safety and comfort is important, so don’t hesitate to ask questions prior to ordering and adding comments to ensure that you get the most ideal fit and style medical alert jewelry that will best suit you. Medical Alert jewelry makes a great gift for your loved ones because it shows that you care about their well being and are looking out for them. Make sure you and your loved ones are prepared for any emergency with personalized medical ID jewelry. ForAllGifts will gurantee your satisfaction!