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For All Gifts is your destination for the best customizable necklaces for women, men & children. Browse our collection of personalized lockets, soothing unique aromatherapy jewelry, heirloom customized family tree necklaces, beautifully engraved custom dog tag necklaces, all of the best personalized engraved pendants for her, and so much more.

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There are few gifts that can show just how much you care better than a beautiful personalized necklace. We offer many varieties of custom engraved necklaces for women, including custom nameplate necklaces, gorgeous keepsake lockets, custom engraved necklaces with Swarovski crystals, and more. We didn't forget the guys either. If you're looking for jewelry gifts for men, we suggest browsing our collection of custom engraved dog tag necklaces.

No matter what style of custom jewelry gift you decide to buy for that special someone, you can rest assured that all of our gift items come with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It is important to know that For All Gifts puts their customers first and ensures satisfaction. If you want to give a gift that will hold a place in someone's heart for a lifetime, you can't go wrong with our personalized necklaces. Read on to learn more about all of the different styles of personalized necklaces & custom engraved pendants available on our site.

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Different Types of Personalized Necklaces & Custom Engraved Necklaces

A personalized necklace is a gift that goes above and beyond to show the lucky recipient just how much they mean to you. That's why we offer nothing but the best in custom engraved necklace gifts for women, men, seniors & children. We offer several different kinds of necklaces, so we'll explain each one a little bit in the following paragraphs. You'll find all the information you need on custom necklaces for women, engraved birthstone necklace gifts, custom nameplate necklaces, and much, much more.

Custom Birthstone Necklaces

An excellent birthday gift idea, our personalized birthstone necklaces feature the finest precious metals, shaped into beautiful works of art & made complete by way of inserting stunning birthstone gems. They're one of the best personalized necklaces for birthday gifts you could ever hope to find.

Personalized Monogram Necklaces & Custom Name Necklace Gifts

It's hard to personalize a gift any more thoroughly than by engraving one's initials or name into it. That's why you'll want to show the special lady in your life just how special she is by presenting her with one of our custom engraved monogram necklaces. Another great way to go is any of our unique personalized nameplate necklaces. These are popular as custom necklace gifts for women and girls, featuring full names spelled out in script or text in engraved metal.

Custom Engraved Bar Necklaces

Another popular necklace gift style would be the bar necklace. Browse our selection of personalized bar necklaces, available in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The bar part of the name comes from the fact that a flat strip or bar of engraved metal is suspended by chain of the necklace.

Unique Photo Necklace Gifts

A fun and unique option when it comes to customized necklaces for her comes in the form of our custom photo keepsake necklaces. These necklaces feature a printed or engraved personal photograph or other image of your choosing. Get one with a picture of you & your wife or girlfriend together and you have yourself quite the impressive Valentine's Day gift.

Customized Charm Necklaces with Gemstones

When you want to buy an attractive necklace that works well as a gift for nearly any occasion, personalized gemstone charm necklaces just can't fail. We carry custom engraved charm necklaces made from silver, gold, and additional forms that are sure to sweep any recipient off her feet & put a smile on her face.

Personalized Aromatherapy Necklaces with Essential Oil Diffusers

Did you know that smell is the sense in humans that is the most strongly tied to memory? A quick hit of the right scent can send you back to special memories you'd long since forgotten about, bringing a smile to your face and warming your heart anew. Other times, people just find some scents to be more pleasing and/or relaxing than others. These are the basic principles behind aromatherapy.

For a personalized gift that can evoke powerful memories & bring peace and happiness at any moment, there's no better option than our custom engraved essential oil diffuser necklaces. Engraved for the perfect look & message, these unique scented gift necklaces are classy, creative, and destined to become treasured family heirlooms.

Custom Family Tree Necklaces

Speaking of family heirlooms, we'll now tell you about a style of gift necklace that has heirloom written all over it. Our customizable family tree necklaces & personalized family tree pendants feature artistic family tree designs appointed with Swarovski crystal birthstones to honor family members both past & present.

Custom Engraved Sterling Silver Necklaces

Is buying the perfect customized necklace for her is your goal? You're sure to find success with any of our custom engraved sterling silver necklaces. Sterling silver is a high class & upscale material that is prized around the world for its quality, beauty, and timeless charm. Sterling silver is also a great jewelry material for anyone who as an allergy to nickel.

Personalized Gold Vermeil Necklaces

Here's a question a lot of people who aren't jewelry professionals will find themselves asking: What is gold vermeil? To put it simply, gold vermeil is an outer layer of gold plating surrounding a sterling silver core. It's a highly popular style and an affordable way to gift a loved one with a beautiful gold necklace. 

For those who like ornate jewelry appointed with beautiful gemstones, there's no better gift than our personalized Swarovski crystal necklaces. Swarovski is a world-famous jewelry company based in Austria which has been gracing the globe with its beautiful artisan gem production since 1895. Their undeniable quality, craftsmanship, style, and class make them a hit with all audiences.

Custom Necklace Gifts for Special Occasions

Many times, the best personalized jewelry gifts will earn their status based on the occasion. For example, giving a birthday necklace on the date of your anniversary might end up with a lot of fighting and a night on the couch. That's why it's always best to take the given celebration into consideration when buying any of our necklace gifts. Here are just some of the custom necklaces we offer for specific occasions:

Personalized Necklaces for Holidays & Special Occasions

Personalized Dog Tag Necklace Gifts

While we offer many styles of customized necklaces for women, we haven't left the fellas out of the equation. We also engrave personalized necklaces for men, most notably in the form of dog tags. They can also be a unisex jewelry item and are a perfect tribute to anyone who has served in the military or performed any other heroic act, be it on a large scale or just person-to-person.

Custom Photo Dog Tags

One great way of showing a family member, friend, or loved one how much you appreciate them is to send them one of our personalized dog tags with photos. They come in many different forms. Some models are engraved with an image, some feature a full color photo image, and still others have grayscale or one color images.

Personalized Engraved Dog Tag Necklaces

For those who want to purchase a gift that will last a lifetime without losing its shape, message, and luster, we suggest going with any of our custom engraved dog tags & dog tag necklaces. Each has your special message laser engraved into the surface, creating a mark that will never wear away. We also have customized dog tags engraved with quotes, images, names, and monograms.

Personalized Dog Tags with Silencers

What is a dog tag silencer? A dog tag silencer is an outer casing for a dog tag, typically made of rubber, with the purpose of eliminating noise when the tags knock against other items. In addition to reducing the not-always-popular jangling sound, our custom engraved dog tags with silencers also have an extra level of protection against scratches and loss.

Custom Gold Dog Tag Gifts

While many dog tags are silver in color and/or material, some prefer premium gold dog tags for personalized gifts. Our gold plated dog tag necklaces are positively distinguished and will make any recipient feel deeply honored and appreciated.

Customized Religious Jewelry

For those who hold their faith with pride and devotion, there are few gifts that will be enjoyed more than personalized religious necklaces & jewelry gifts. We have several offerings within this category and will touch upon some of them in the next two paragraphs.

Personalized Cross Necklaces & Pendants

Whether it be a gift for baptism, first communion, confirmation, or any other rite of passage or celebratory occasion, our custom cross necklaces & pendants are ideal as Christian jewelry gifts. Along with the regular Christian cross, we also offer custom engraved St Christopher medals, which are perfect as gifts for travelers.

Custom Serenity Prayer Jewelry Gifts

In times of trouble, many rely on their faith and loved ones for comfort. Wouldn't it be great if your friends and family members had an item that could pull both sources of strength together? It surely would be, but what's even better is the fact that such items exist and are available every day at For All Gifts! Our collection of personalized serenity prayer jewelry offers comfort and peace in times of trouble and a reminder that both in this world and in the next, recipients will always have someone to turn to.

Personalized Medical Alert ID Necklaces

While there's no joy to be found in illness, it's still important for a person and anyone who may be caring for them in an emergency to be well informed of their condition. It also never hurts to add a little bit of fun and style to the situation, and that's what our custom medical alert necklaces are all about.

Custom Engraved Medical ID Necklaces for Kids

Medical alert bracelets are perhaps most important for children dealing with allergies or chronic conditions, as they might not fully understand their diagnosis or what they need to do to stay safe when trouble comes along. A plain old medical ID necklace might not be that fun or welcome to most kids, but they'll be much more likely to wear and enjoy one that's fun and stylish. That's why we present to you our engraved medical ID jewelry for children. They come in fun shapes for kids and are engraved with important information that will come through in a pinch.

Personalized Engraved Medical Alert Necklaces for Adults & Seniors

Another area in our medical alert jewelry collection consists of custom medical alert bracelets for seniors and adults. These medical ID necklaces are a bit more formal than our children's offerings, but they still have plenty of style and class. Fashion and safety don't have to be mutually exclusive, and these custom jewelry gifts for seniors are ample proof.

Unique Medical ID Bar Necklaces

There are many different styles of custom engraved medical alert id necklaces on our site, and personalized medical alert nameplate necklaces are one of the up-and-comers. Our medical ID bar necklaces are straight, narrow, and stylish. Choose between a vertically or horizontally oriented medical alert bar necklace as a gift for anyone with an allergy or medical condition who wants an extra measure of security.

Customized Medical ID Necklaces in Unique Shapes

One might be surprised by just how many choices they have when it comes to picking a shape for custom medical alert jewelry. Even within the necklace category, there's a good deal of variation. Engravable octagon medical ID pendants, custom princess medical alert necklaces for girls, and personalized robot shaped medical ID necklaces & custom dump truck shaped medical alert necklaces for kids are just 4 of our many unique styles.

Personalized Engravable Medical Alert ID Lockets

The final style of personalized medical alert necklaces that we'll talk about in this guide covers our custom medical ID locket gifts. These make great medical alert bracelets for women. Attractive designs and custom messages & instructions make these a great item when it comes to medical alert necklaces for mom and grandma.

Custom Engraved Locket Gifts

Lockets are jewelry pieces that typically hang from a necklace and feature a hinged opening for storing small personal items or special messages. We offer a variety of different engraved locket styles, three of which we'll describe in the following paragraphs.

Personalized Heart Shaped Lockets

A great idea for a Valentine's Day necklace gift or personalized jewelry gift for Mother's Day would be one of our custom engraved heart shaped lockets. If you're looking for custom necklaces for her, whether "her" refers to a mother, spouse, girlfriend, sister, or gal pal, you can't beat our personalized heart shaped lockets. Each comes with an attractive chain necklace and opens to reveal a secret compartment for storing one's most prized possessions.

Custom Keepsake Photo Lockets

Looking for a perfect jewelry gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or anniversary? Look no further than our customizable engraved photo lockets. These lockets come with picture inserts to display images of great times with the ones you love so that they can feel your affection at all times. Some models open to reveal two miniature photographs, while others are designed with a larger insert area near the front.

Custom Engraved Secret Message Envelope Lockets

Say something special that will last a lifetime with our personalized envelope message lockets. These unique engraved gift lockets are often shaped in the form of a heart with a creative envelope design worked in. The front portion of these lockets are engraved with a name or initials, while inside, recipients will find an insert bearing your special custom engraved message.

Custom Pendants for Women, Men & Children

Giving a memorable gift means you will not be forgotten. It could be for your significant other, daughter, niece, aunt, mother, there is no doubt she will love the beautifully personalized pendants - or the person who gave it to her! Browse through our variety of pendants and find the perfect one for that special woman. Give this customizable pendant to someone special, and leave a long lasting memory. Every time they pull out their beautiful pendant, they will remember who gave them such a thoughtful gift!

Still, a question remains. What's the difference between necklaces and pendants? That's a question that comes up a lot. While many think the two are one and the same, this is not actually the case. A necklace is a decorative jewelry item worn around the neck, which may or may not have an item suspended down in front. A pendant is a piece of jewelry that can be attached to a necklace to hang down over the neck/chest area, though they can also exist in smaller, pocket watch style forms. We'll get into some of our most popular personalized pendants in the section below.

Custom Quote Pendants

Some people have favorite poems, bible passages, famous quotes, or personal mottos. If such a person is on your gift shopping list, you'll be able to ensure their happiness when you give them one of our personalized pendants with quotes. We have several styles offering a variety of different engraved quotes, prayers, and inspirational phrases.

Personalized Engraved Shaped Pendants

Our customizable gift pendants come in many different shapes, styles, colors, and sizes. We offer a broad variety of unique engraved gift pendants, allowing for something "outside the box" to go inside of your gift box. A few examples include our moon-shaped "I love you to the moon and back" pendants, teardrop shaped aromatherapy pendants, Celtic circle pendants, and many more.

Custom Engraved Photo Pendants

Much like our unique photo lockets that we described a few paragraphs earlier, our personalized picture pendants are another great jewelry gift to send to anyone with whom you share a special bond. It's said that pictures can capture time, and a photograph held especially dear can be a great source of joy and nostalgic comfort for any recipient.

Personalized Birthstone Gift Pendants

Are you searching for the best custom engraved birthstone pendants for her? We have just what you need. Our collection of stunning and refined birthstone pendants with custom engraving make great jewelry gifts for any and all of the women in your life, especially as birthday presents.

Deluxe Sterling Silver Gift Pendants"

As is the case with most our jewelry categories, sterling silver is a material often found in our custom engraved pendants. We offer a broad selection of authentic sterling silver pendants customized with your personalized message to the one you love.

Premium Gold Pendant Gifts

You've by no doubt at some point in your life heard someone use the expression "as good as gold" when describing something that is as perfect as it could possibly be. Such a comparison is an apt one, as gold is among the most valuable and popular precious metals. Consequently, it's a hit within the world of jewelry and those who enjoy wearing it. Examine our personalized gold engraved pendants for special gifts to find the one that fits the most deserving person in your life.

Personalized Necklaces for Her

While members of both genders can certainly enjoy jewelry and be thrilled to receive it as a gift, our offerings tend to focus more toward the area of personalized necklaces for women. When you want to buy a great birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day gift to a special lady in your life, we're here to help you find the best possible options.

Personalized Necklaces for Mothers

Custom necklaces for mom are always a great way to show the woman who gave you life and raised you just how special she is and just how grateful you are to have her in your life. Few bonds are stronger than those between a mother and child, no matter how old either party might be. That's why personalized necklaces for Mother's Day gifts are some of the best-selling and most meaningful jewelry gifts on our site.

Custom Necklaces for Girls

Jewelry gifts are a great birthday or holiday present idea for people of all ages. That's why we feel it's important to highlight some of our personalized necklace gifts for girls. While the link in the last sentence is for our Princess Medical Alert Necklace, our girls' jewelry offerings aren't limited to that one category. Other popular jewelry gift ideas for girls come in the form of our custom name necklaces, personalized engraved birthstone pendants, and custom quote jewelry.

Custom Engraved Necklaces for Sisters

Just a few paragraphs earlier, we spoke about the enormity of the bond between mother and child. Another very special relationship that some people are lucky enough to experience is the special connection that develops between two (or more) sisters. While the passage of time may cause sisters to grow more physically distant as they move out of the family home and go on to adult life, this can sometimes cause the mental and emotional distance to become smaller. Show your sister that you think she's the best in the world with our unique engraved necklaces for sisters. These are also great gifts for parents to buy for their daughters, as the models linked to in the previous sentence are designed as two halves of a heart for each sister to wear.

Personalized Engraved Memorial Necklaces & Jewelry Gifts

While we must always take time to treasure the relationships we have with our friends, family members, pets, and other loved ones, the sad reality remains that they won't all be around forever. When one loses someone who meant a great deal to them and continues to in their passing, any tribute or memorial item they receive can be meaningful beyond words. Our unique memorial necklaces and memorial jewelry gifts allow recipients to keep a part of their lost loved one alive in spirit with them always.

Custom Engraved Urn Necklaces & Pendants

If you've ever experienced the loss of a loved one, you know how painful it can be and how hard it can be to let go. By sending any of our custom cremation urn necklaces & pendants, you can literally allow the bereaved to always carry their loved one with them. These memorial jewelry gifts feature compartments designed to hold ashes, serving as a tribute wherever they are worn.

Personalized Memorial Pet Jewelry Gifts

When you're a true animal lover, you know that the passing of a furry, four-legged friend can hurt every bit as much as the loss of a human family member. After all, pets are part of the family too. If you're trying to console someone who has just lost a beloved pet or if you're looking for a way to memorialize your pet and keep them with you, few better vehicles exist than our personalized pet urn necklaces. These extra special jewelry gifts allow recipients to have their faithful companions forever and always by their side.