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Personalized School Supplies | Custom School Supplies for Kids

You'll find all of the best custom school supplies for kids and custom back-to-school gifts at ForAllGifts. We have all of the best pencil cases personalized with names, custom drawstring backpack gifts, cool retro style lunch boxes, and other school related gift items. Whether the children on your gifting list will be attending school in the classroom or remotely, we have all of the best personalized school supplies to ensure an enthusiastic and successful school year.

Top Personalized School Gifts

At ForAllGifts, we have a nearly endless set of options to help set your child up for success throughout the school year. Consider a personalized pencil case for the little learner who'll love having their name on their pencil pouch. Alternatively, you can design your own custom lunch box with any text you'd like. This could consist of a message for your child, their name and classroom, or another note that would make them smile. All of our personalized school products come in a variety of fun styles, so you can find one that fits your child’s unique personality.

The best personalized gifts for kids fit their interests. They also showcase their name to be unmistakably their own property. They also must provide be useful - the kind of items that students will reach for again and again throughout the school day. The best part? A customized drawing, learning, or writing tool might just make them more excited about going to school. It could even provide a smile or two while doing homework!

Looking for another great option? Try putting together a personalized gift set to celebrate educational milestones, such as graduation from preschool to kindergarten. Simply choose a custom pencil case, notebook, ruler, and some other supplies and add them to a custom drawstring bag. This will create a unique and beloved gift for students of all ages.