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Personalized Wallets & Custom Card Holders

If you're looking for a meaningful gift idea that has both style and utility in spades, then we suggest going with our custom wallets & card holders. We have several personalized gifts for him, including custom wallets and gifts for Father's Day. You'll also find many custom phone card holders, travel-friendly customized RFID blocking passport covers, animal-safe personalized faux leather wallets, and several other types of imprinted & engraved wallet gifts.

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Our custom wallets and personalized card holders make excellent gift ideas for men, women, boys, girls, and people of all ages. Select from our custom monogrammed wallets and personalized wallets with names, and themed wallets for a thoughtful gift that will see use every day. We also boast a large collection of custom engraved card holders, cell phone wallets, personalized RFID blocking passport covers, and more.

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Personalized Men's Wallets

At ForAllGifts, we have a wide selection of personalized wallets for him. Our many styles of men's wallets are sure to include one (or more) that are perfect for the man in your life. They make great gifts for groomsmen, Father's Day, birthdays, holidays, retirement parties, and just about any other occasion. We'll get into a bit more detail about some of the varieties we have to offer in the following five paragraphs.

Custom Wallets for Dads

Whether you're looking to recognize a special guy on Father's Day, a birthday, retirement party, holiday, or "just because", we have several personalized wallets for dads that are sure to please. Expertly crafted and customized for an extra special gift, these wallets will let any father know he's #1 in your book. We have additional offerings that are perfect as customized gifts for grandfathers or as personalized wallets for sons.

Personalized Masonic Wallets

Do you know a man who is proud to be a Freemason? If so, we guarantee he'll love to receive any of our custom Masonic wallet gifts from you. These personalized wallets are decorated with the Masonic symbol along with customized text. One suggestion is to include your recipient's name above the graphic and their date of officially becoming a Freemason below it.

Customized Scoutmaster Wallets

Want to recognize a respected troop leader with a little something special? Then our personalized wallets for boy scouts and scoutmasters are the perfect gift idea. They can be used to congratulate a new scoutmaster or as a token of appreciation for a seasoned leader's dedication and guidance. Younger boy scouts who aspire to rise through the ranks of the organization also are ideal recipients.

Personalized Black Wallets for Men

Whether one has the goal of coordinating his wallet with a belt or outfit or just happens to prefer dark colors, our custom black men's wallets are a shoo-in for a successful gift. Durable, stylish, and functional, these are custom made gifts that any man would be proud to receive.

Custom Brown Men's Wallets

Does the special man in your life prefer a lighter colored wallet? If you don't feel black is the way to go, we also carry many models of personalized brown men's wallets. Our custom brown wallets for him come in leather and leatherette versions, allowing for style preferences as well as personal views to be incorporated into your gift.

Custom Ladies' Wallets

Customized wallet gifts aren't just for the guys. ForAllGIfts also has personalized wallets for her. Our custom women's wallets provide plenty of space for coins, cards, and personal items. Each is engraved with the name of your recipient and can be upgraded to include special graphics.

Different Types of Personalized Wallets for Gifts

When buying wallet gifts on our site, you'll notice that there are many different variations. In other words, not all wallets are the same. Fortunately, we're putting together this guide to explain the different types of wallets that we have on our site. The goal is to help you make an informed choice that will enable you to select the best possible wallet to order for your recipient.

Customized Bifold Wallets

Our personalized bifold wallets, as their name would lead one to believe, feature two pockets that fold together for when the wallets are closed. This represents a more compact style that still affords plenty of room for money, ID cards, credit cards, coupons, licenses, and more.

Personalized Trifold Wallets

If you're searching for something a bit bigger with even more space than a bifold wallet, we recommend taking a look at our personalized trifold wallets. This style features wallets with three sections. When open, the left and right sections extend outward. When closed, the left and right sections fold inward over the center. These offer more space for all the items needed on a daily basis and are better for displaying licenses and photographs.

Personalized Leather Wallets

Our custom leather wallets offer classic style, superior durability, and unbeatable functionality. Authentic leather makes for a truly special wallet gift and is a mark of premium quality. ForAllGifts carries multiple styles of leather wallets, so you're sure to find the perfect one to fit the taste of the person you're shopping for.

Animal Friendly Customizable Leatherette Wallets

If you or your recipient prefers to buy/use items that are free of animal products, our personalized leatherette wallets are a natural choice. These custom faux leather wallets have a look and feel highly similar to what one would experience with authentic leather. They're tough, stylish, and comfortable while stored in pockets or held in the hand. They're sure to see everyday usage for years to come.

Engraved and Imprinted Wallet Gifts - Themes

At ForAllGifts, we like to offer something for everyone. This philosophy extends to our custom wallets. We offer a broad variety of customizable wallet gifts that contain graphics and personalized text to fit those with particular interests and passions. Take a spin through the following section to learn more.

Personalized Golf Wallets

Many golf enthusiasts don't simply like golf; they absolutely love it. You can extend their joy by always linking them to the links by way of gifting them with any of our custom golf wallets. These items are engraved with golf related design graphics and contain initials or text that can be personalized for each individual recipient.

Customized Fishing Wallets

Make your favorite angler happy by presenting them with one of our personalized fishing wallets! These wallets come in many styles and are decorated with fishing related graphics. They're great for taking along on fishing trips or just using daily. Each time your lucky recipient draws one of these wallets out of their pocket, they'll be reminded of both their favorite hobby as well as your thoughtful consideration.

Custom Made Poker Wallets

If there's a big gambler or expert card sharp on your shopping list, few gifts will bring more pleasure than one of our personalized poker wallets. Crafted in bifold style, these wallets feature graphics with playing card themes that are accompanied by monograms or customizable text.

Personalized Hunting Wallets

Hunters, campers, and avid outdoorsmen/women are sure to enjoy receiving our unique hunting wallets for gifts on any occasion. Our hunting wallets are available in black or brown and feature an intricate graphic of a deer. Despite their name, these wallets need not be reserved for those who love hunting; anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and rustic style will be thrilled to receive one.

Customizable Biker Wallets

Those who live to ride and ride to live (and those who love them) know how central motorcycles can become to one's lifestyle and identity. We've decided to honor the chopper set with our collection of custom printed and engraved biker wallets. Each displays a detailed image of a motorcycle on the front, which is located to the left of a personalized text area. They make perfect gift ideas for those who love to live life on the open road.

Personalized Nautical Wallets

Our customized nautical wallets make excellent gifts for sailors, naval officers, deep sea fishing fans, and anyone who loves spending time on the water. This category can further be broken down into personalized wallets with anchors and custom compass wallets. With either style, pleasant thoughts and memories of relaxing days at sea will quickly be brought to mind. As is the case with all of our themed wallets, these models include text customization along with graphics.

Customized Card Holders

At ForAllGifts, you'll find many personalized items that are geared toward holding licenses, ID cards, credit cards, debit cards, passports, and other important cards and badges. Many kinds are there for your examination, so we'll explain a bit about some of our more prominent styles.

Personalized Credit Card Wallets

We have a grand assortment of custom credit card holders and personalized business card holders that make excellent personal gift ideas for professionals. These wallet gifts come in several varieties, but all of them keep your credit and business cards safe and secure, while still easily accessible for users.

Customized Passport Holders

Our personalized passport cover wallets are sure to please anyone who travels frequently and wishes to do so safely while protecting their identity. Few things can draw more swift and certain panic to an international traveler than getting ready to cross a border and realizing their passport is nowhere to be found. You can prevent this by giving them the gift of peace of mind at the pinnacle of style with our custom-made passport holders.

Custom Made Cell Phone Wallets

In this day and age, it is rare for anyone to go anywhere without their mobile phone. Because these devices are close at hand at nearly all times, it becomes convenient to attach them to other items that are needed on a frequent basis. Our personalized phone wallets attach to the back of phones and are capable of holding cards, money, ID documents, and other small yet absolutely vital day-to-day items. Some models even hold the entire phone rather than attaching to the back.

Personalized RFID Blocking Wallets & Scanner Blocking Card Holders

When protecting identity and preventing theft are top priorities, custom RFID blocking card holders and wallets make for  some of the best possible gift ideas. These personalized wallet gifts keep credit cards, passports, and ID cards safe from scanners (and scammers) out to steal personal data. Customized with names, initials, and custom messages, these are perfect gifts for those looking for an added measure of security.

Design Your Own Custom Wallet Gifts

Our customized wallets give you the opportunity to get creative. Each can be styled in several different ways to be an ideal fit for your recipient. We'll tell you about the most popular personalization methods over the course of the next five paragraphs.

Custom Monogrammed Wallets

Adding one's initials to a wallet help to give it a bit more of an individualized touch. This is not to mention the regal and classy air it helps to convey. These are just two of the many reasons why our monogrammed wallet gifts are so popular. Whether imprinted or engraved, including your recipient's initials on their wallet is sure to be an appreciated extra detail.

Personalized Wallets with Names

For those who want to go beyond initials, we present our custom name wallets. These personalized wallets include your recipient's name. First names and full names are available options, along with a small, personalized message or other text that may carry a special meaning.

Engraved Wallets for Gifts

Many of our offerings fall into the family of custom engraved wallets. These are wallets that are laser engraved to have whatever text or graphics you choose cut into the surface of the wallet. This ensures that they won't fade or chip away with time. It also provides an element of texture diversity and makes for a refined, elegant look.

Customizable Imprinted Wallets

If engraving isn't quite what you're looking for, worry not. Our wallets can also be customized in another way, which is by way of imprinting graphics and text. Some shining examples of this can be seen in our personalized silver imprinted wallets. These can often be faster to produce than their imprinted cousins.

Personalized Wallets with Graphics

Many of our wallets, particularly our themed models, contain images in addition to text. Adding graphics is also an upgrade option on many of the wallets that do not already have them. Our customized wallets with graphics take things one step further by adding a visual aid to go along with the text in order to best reflect who your recipient is and what they love most.