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Personalized Wind Chimes | Custom Wind Chimes for Housewarming Gifts

If you're looking for the best personalized wind chimes, your search ends at ForAllGifts. We have several styles to choose from for different recipients and occasions. Among our collection, you'll find customized wind chimes for mothers, thoughtful personalized cardinal bereavement wind chimes, nautical style custom made compass wind chimes, multiple engraved wind chime gifts for housewarming, attractive engravable wind chimes for weddings & anniversaries, and much more.

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Our personalized wind chimes are creative and soothing custom gifts. They can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. We offer many unique styles in a variety of dark wood and light wood finishes. Our wind chimes are ideal as custom housewarming gifts and wedding gifts. We engrave the wooden feather of the chimes on 1 or 2 sides with the personalization of your choice. If you'd prefer, we can engrave one of our custom designs instead. With our wind chimes, you can create beautiful bereavement and remembrance gifts that honor someone who was loved and lost. Our custom engraved wind chimes will bring serenity and peace to every recipient and will be enjoyed for years to come.

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Different Kinds of Personalized Wind Chimes

At ForAllGifts, you'll find several different styles of engravable wind chimes. Our wind chimes come in different sizes, colors, themes, and materials. They can also be purchased for many different occasions. These include Mother's Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming parties, funeral and bereavement gifts, and much more. In this section, we're going to discuss some of our most popular wind chime styles to help direct you toward the best fit for your recipient.

Custom Memorial Wind Chimes

Anybody who is grieving the loss of a loved one will find comfort in our beautiful personalized memorial wind chimes. We have many styles for honoring the dearly departed in a way that keeps their memory alive and well. Our collection offers personalized religious wind chime sympathy gifts for those who greatly valued their faith. You'll even find custom pet memorial wind chimes for furry friends who have left this world.


If you, a friend, or a family member happen to be fond of sailing, our custom nautical wind chimes will be a great fit. These models come with an expertly engraved compass design on the sail, which is the part of the wind chime that hangs down below the rest. This area is also known as the "feather".

Custom Made Wind Chimes for Mom

If you're looking for a great gift for mom, grandma, or another mother in your life, we have you covered. Our personalized Mother's Day wind chimes make excellent gifts for any woman who has lovingly raised you or any other children. It's a small yet significant gesture to show just how appreciated she is and how deeply she is loved.

Personalized Wedding Gift Wind Chimes

Our Mr & Mrs style custom anniversary gift wind chimes are a wonderful way to toast a happy couple. They can be employed as customized anniversary gifts, wedding presents, housewarming gifts, and more. They also make a thoughtful and creative gift for any married couple who is renewing their vows.


When on the hunt for the perfect housewarming gift, you'll want to stop and consider our personalized wind chimes with family names. In addition to providing beautiful music and a gorgeous decorative piece to a new home, each is engraved with the last name of the receiving family. These gifts provide a nice little way to make anyone feel truly welcome and comfortable in their new home.

Engravable Wind Chimes with Personalized Messages

If you're buying personalized wind chimes for a friend, loved one, or even yourself as a "just because" kind of present, our wind chimes engraved with a custom message are a great way to go. They're not designed for any one specific recipient or occasion. This provides the flexibility to say most anything you wish and to personalize your wind chimes for birthdays, graduations, retirement gifts, housewarming, the birth of a new baby, and just about anything else.

Custom Wind Chime Gifts - Accessories

Sometimes, it can be the accents or embellishments on a gift that move it from great to truly unforgettable. There are a few different details that can be added to our custom wind chimes to make them especially memorable to and cherished by those who receive them.

Personalized Cremation Urn Wind Chimes

Some of our most popular and treasured bereavement & sympathy gifts are our custom memorial wind chimes with urns. These gorgeous, custom made wind chimes are engraved with your special message of remembrance and include a small urn. The urn is located in a compartment near the top and is designed in a durable and highly secure fashion. These custom sympathy gifts provide a way to keep a lost loved one nearby, even when sitting on the porch or working out in the garden. During harsh weather, they can be kept inside, giving the dearly departed a greater presence within the home.

Customizable Geode Beaded Wind Chimes

A stylish and ever-popular choice can be found in the form of our personalized turquoise geode beaded wind chimes. These models feature silver chimes along with a walnut toned wood top, clapper, and sail. In the middle, above and below the clapper, you'll find a set of turquoise geode beads. An additional bead is located just above the sail.

Custom Made Wind Chimes - FAQ

In order to clear up any remaining questions or confusion, we've included a set of answers to some the questions we're most frequently asked about our custom wind chimes. Five of the top questions with corresponding answers are included below.

What is the best way to care for custom wind chimes?
While our customizable wind chimes can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, it is best to bring them inside during inclement weather. While they are weather resistant, keeping them inside during heavy rain, snow, and thunderstorms will keep them looking and sounding their best for a very long time to come.
What wind chime colors do you offer?
We have both custom silver wind chimes and personalized copper wind chimes. Additionally, our geode models have turquoise beads in the center.
What types of wood are in your personalized wind chimes?
Our wind chimes have wooden portions on the top, on their clappers, and on their engraved sails/feathers. The three types you'll find on our site are walnut wind chimes, maple wind chimes, and teak wind chimes.
How big are your wind chimes?
Our wind chimes are between 33 and 35 inches in length from top to bottom. The size varies based on model.
What upgrade options are there for wind chime gifts?
Many of our customized wind chime gifts come with upgrade options. Some of the most commonly found upgrades include rush delivery service, double sided engraving, special gift boxes, and gift/greeting cards.