Mini MagLite and Solitaire Flashlight Set

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Mini MagLite and Solitaire Flashlight Set
Mini MagLite and Solitaire Flashlight Set


One for the mother, and one for her child! Or even one in the car and one in the kitchen. These flashlights are conveniently sized and lightweight enough to carry around or stow away. The cylindrical shape of the smaller Solitaire flashlight allows it to fit conveniently into purses, briefcases, tools bags, or pockets, while the larger, classic Mini MagLite is just as convenient. A wonderful gift for parents, technology lovers, and car enthusiasts. Everyone will love it! Comes with batteries and key chain attachment for the smaller Solitaire flashlight. A friend who needs some illumination in their daily routine would adore this thoughtful gift! Engrave a name or set of initials for a personalized gift that no one else will have or even think of! To make it even more personal, add a custom graphic from our great selection. What a bright idea! Both flashlights will be engraved with the same name.

  • Size: 5 3/4" W x 1" D Mini MagLite; 3 3/16" W x 1/2" D Solitaire MagLite
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • 1 AAA & 2 AA batteries included
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